If you had asked me 5 years ago whether I thought that meditation was an integral component of health and wellness I probably would have shrugged and perhaps even chuckled. Well, since then, I have learned that meditation, in particular it’s affect on stress reduction, is an integral part of health wellness and sexuality and should be incorporated into every woman’s daily routine.

Easier said than done you may say. Take it from me, a Type A, multi-tasking do-it-all woman who can’t sit still for 5 minutes, much less try to clear my mind and to still for 20 minutes.

Dr, Jennifer Berman, Site Medical Director
A growing number of women are requesting delivery by elective cesarean section without an accepted "medical indication," and physicians were in the past either uncertain how to respond or unwilling to perform elective C-Sections.

The reason being that it was believed that the risk of surgery outweighed the benefit to the fetus and the mother. This trend is now changing due to the fact that cesarean delivery is much safer now than in the past and to the recognition that most studies looking at the risks of cesarean section were biased, due to fact that women in studies more likely to have been selected for an elective cesarean sections as well as non elective C-Sections.

Hormones are powerful chemicals that help keep your body functioning normally, your bones strong, your brains acute, and your sex life potent. Hormones are involved in almost every biological process in your body including sexual reproduction, growth, metabolism, weight control, aging, as well as immune function. Hormones, especially estrogen, play a critical role in our bodies that go well beyond alleviating the typical symptoms we all know of: hot flashes and night sweats. Hormones actually affect your brain, your cognitive ability and mental acuity or sharpness, short term memory as well as mood.