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Hot Topics in Sexual Health

With more than 50 million (some say a conservative number) women suffering from what is termed Female Sexual dysfunction, this list will lead to articles to provide information to help and support. UNLEASHING APHRODITE: FEMALE ECSTASY VIA HER PRIMAL NATURE Female...

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Oriental Medicine and Sexual Dysfunctions

Western medical science focuses on human sexuality in terms of anatomy, physiology and psychology. In Eastern cultures, sex is regarded as an art, science, and a path to a spiritual development, a path towards greater intimacy not only with the partner but also with...

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What Is an Orgasmic Disorder?

Orgasmic Disorder is the difficulty or inability to reach orgasm after sufficient sexual stimulation and arousal. The condition includes any difficulty or delay in reaching orgasm that causes the woman personal distress. The condition is divided into two categories:...

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Modern Concepts in Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer has become one of the most common malignancies among women. Every year about 200,000 women are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. About 40,000 women die of breast cancer every year. The lifetime risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer for women of...

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Pelvic Floor

The Benefits of pelvic floor physical therapy for Women Pelvic floor physical therapy is a potential additional treatment for pelvic pain conditions. it has proven benefits for a wide range of systems including gastrointestinal, sexual and reproductive, orthopedic,...

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Menopause and Your Sex Life

*original aricle generated on As women reach their 40s and 50s, they enter a time in their lives referred to as "perimenopause." During this period, before the menopause, hormone levels start to fluctuate up and down. Lower estrogen levels, as well as...

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