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Menopause and Your Sex Life

*original aricle generated on As women reach their 40s and 50s, they enter a time in their lives referred to as "perimenopause." During this period, before the menopause, hormone levels start to fluctuate up and down. Lower estrogen levels, as well as...

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Hormone Therapy

The Female Patient Special: Our Karen Giblin, Dr. Elizabeth Vliet Join in 'The Buzz on Bioidenticals Oprah, celebrities, and others all claim to communicate the truth about bioidentical hormones, but what do medical experts say? As a medical journal for ObGyns, we...

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Female Urology, Incontinence

Sling Surgery is More Effective than Burch for Bladder Control in Women In the largest and most rigorous U.S. trial comparing two traditional operations for stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in women, a team of urologists and urogynecologists supported by the National...

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Lack of libido

Find Out What's "Up Here" with "Down There" When Esquire or Oprah needs a quote about sex or sexual well-being, they often turn to Dr. Aline Zoldbrod (aka " Dr. Z"). The Boston- based relationships and sex expert has gained national recognition for developing her own...

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Poise Impressa for SUI

Waning Hormones? Ways to Keep the Fire Burning.  *original article generated on Poise.comWomen in their 30s and 40s experience times during the month when they feel a boost in libido and overall "sexiness." These feelings can be experienced as a sudden glow of the...

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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Virtually Everything You Need to Know, Want to Know or Have to Know. Knowledge and treatment of female sexual dysfunction is at the same point now where male erectile dysfunction studies and treatment was in 1975, but is rapidly closing the gap. With the advent of...

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