Alternatives to Intercourse

See how sensuous non-penetrative sex can be. Learn about alternatives to intercourse like the VENIS technique — Very Erotic Non-Insertive Sex, female sexual dysfunction, male erection problems, or safer sex due to STDs.

Babies vs. Career

A woman’s fertility begins to decline at age 27. Women plan their career and when they hit 35 or 40, they are ready to start a family. Is it too late? From freezing eggs, to donor sperm, explore the agonizing choices of babies versus career.

Adolescence and Puberty

Bewildered parents and adolescents get help for their first talk about sex. Topics covered include physical changes like body hair, acne, periods, hormonal changes, and growth spurts. Also covered are ways to re-assure kids from an emotional standpoint.

All About Breasts

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