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Sometimes they’re insightful, shocking and serious; other times they’re just hilarious.

Answers About Plan B One-Step

When normal methods of birth control fail, it’s best to have an emergency backup ready at hand. Enter Plan B: the emergency contraception pill, also known as the "morning after" pill. If a condom breaks or you’re otherwise worried about unprotected sex,...

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CBD Oil and Sexual Health Benefits

When it comes to CBD oil, there are many benefits. Recently CBD oil has gained popularity because of its sexual health benefits. Many women feel that CBD oil has changed their sex lives. CBD is beneficial when taken orally but is also available in other forms, which...

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Hot Topics in Sexual Health

With more than 50 million (some say a conservative number) women suffering from what is termed Female Sexual dysfunction, this list will lead to articles to provide information to help and support. UNLEASHING APHRODITE: FEMALE ECSTASY VIA HER PRIMAL NATURE Female...

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Oriental Medicine and Sexual Dysfunctions

Western medical science focuses on human sexuality in terms of anatomy, physiology and psychology. In Eastern cultures, sex is regarded as an art, science, and a path to a spiritual development, a path towards greater intimacy not only with the partner but also with...

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