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Sometimes they’re insightful, shocking and serious; other times they’re just hilarious.

CBD & How it Applies to Female Sexual Health

Dr. Berman explains how CBD matters when it comes to female sexual health, function, and wellness. From her clinical experience, CBD has numerous areas of potential in helping sexual libido, sexual arousal, minimizing pain during intercourse, and can be...

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Does Your Weight Affect Your Sex Life

Does Your Weight Affect Your Sex Life? For some women, excess weight causes their self-esteem to plummet and their sex lives to dry up. Yet, they're in the majority: 68 percent of American women wear a size 12 or above. Dr. Jennifer Berman,talks about how...

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Cybersex: Is It an Affair or Harmless Fun?

Cybersex: Is It an Affair or Harmless Fun? Here is What It Depends OnBy:Jennifer Berman, MDYou've discovered your boyfriend or husband reading "Playboy" or something wilder. You've accidentally stumbled upon porn web sites that he's recently visited. His...

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