During Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations, drinking and dancing is in full flow, while the celebrations bring fun to all those around, it can also be a recipe for embarrassing leaks and awkward moments among friends and colleagues.

To manage these conditions, many women who live with stress urinary incontinence (SUI) on a daily basis will use common incontinence products such as pads and pants, which are promoted as a discreet method of managing urinary continence for women.

A new survey commissioned by ‘Control Your Choice’, has shown that 72 percent of women said they ‘felt embarrassed about wearing incontinence products’. An additional 29 percent said it made them feel more conscious about going out in public. Furthermore, almost 31 percent of women are ‘depressed by the thought of having to wear incontinence products for decades.’

60 percent of surveyed participants reported that they were concerned about the environmental impact of using incontinence pads. These pads are not easy to dispose of and can spend years decomposing in landfill sites.

In recent years, there has been ongoing discussion and debate covering the effects on some women following treatment using vaginal mesh or TVT-tape for conditions such as prolapse or for SUI.

As a doctor specializing in treating female urinary continence, I have worked with numerous patients in helping to understand the risk factors of this condition and the best plans for treating them. If urinary incontinence is inhibiting your daily routine, then contact me.

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