As we age, there is a decline in the functions of our body systems. Skin sags, memory span shortens, and the list goes on. But thanks to innovative technologies, most of these aging-related conditions are reduced, if not totally prevented. One of these remedies is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). This treatment targets menopausal or near-menopausal women, who experience symptoms such as hot flushes, reduced sex drives, vaginal dryness, and palpitations. And as its name implies, HRT replaces hormones that the body could no longer produce because of old age.

HRT comes in different ways or forms – patches, creams, gels, or pills. In recent years, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy emerged, introducing the pellets form. And among the key players in this market is BioTE. BioTE is a leading innovator in precision and preventive medicine, whose aim is hormone restoration and optimization for restored vitality.

BioTE’s Method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) uses pellets about the size of a grain of rice. These pellets contain bioidentical hormones compounded in quality-controlled U.S.-based facilities. These supplemental pellets are identical to the ones produced by the body.

As a certified BioTE provider, I strongly recommend this innovative healthcare service. Because here at Berman Women’s Wellness Center, we provide you with only the best restored vitality!

Why Hormone Replacement with Testosterone?

According to BioTE, bioidentical hormone replacement with testosterone has helped thousands of men and women feel better. Dealing with the symptoms of low testosterone, such as fatigue, muscle weakness, reduced sex drive, night sweats, or weight gain (especially in the belly area), can be very stressful. Bioidentical testosterone pellets may be able to restore hormonal balance for patients.

Why Would Women Need Testosterone Pellet?

Hormone replacement with testosterone for symptomatic women has the potential to improve mood, sex drive, energy level, and feeling of well-being. In addition, documented health benefits include reduced cardiac risk, reduced breast cancer risk, and improved bone density.

How Is Pellet Therapy Process Done?

The BHRT pellet insertion process is straightforward, fast, and simple. It takes only a few minutes. First, a local anesthetic is applied on the insertion area. Then, a small incision is made in the upper buttocks. Next, the pellet is inserted. Last, a small bandage is placed over the insertion site. Every batch of hormones is tested for potency, sterility, and endotoxins, ensuring that patients are being provided the best possible therapy to expedite their journey towards optimal wellness. It can take up to six months after the first insertion for a state of testosterone balance to be achieved.

Why Implants?

            Using pills and creams may be as effective but not as efficient. Unlike pills and creams, these pellets are delivered right to your bloodstream.

            No daily maintenance. It’s a simple, one-and-done process, and there’s no need to worry about remembering to take a pill or shot every day. This is definitely a convenient option if you do not want to worry about daily treatment.

            Minimal side effects. Choosing the BHRT minimizes side effects for two reasons. First, it’s all-natural! Hormone replacement pellets are created from organic plant resources such as soy or yams.  Second, the pellets release the hormones as gradually as the body releases natural hormones. So, yes, there are no potential risks commonly experienced when taking pills.

How Does Testosterone Hormone Replacement Restore Health?

            Bioidentical testosterone pellets release a consistent dose of testosterone. The BioTE Method of pellet therapy has been shown to help address patients’ health concerns in four weeks, and full hormone optimization can take up to six months. The symptoms of hormone imbalance are unpleasant, but the testosterone pellet therapy we offer may help!

BHRT Benefits
  1. Increased Stamina
  2. Stable Mood
  3. Improved Sleep Quality
  4. Boosted Metabolism
  5. Enhanced Mental Clarity
  6. Restored Libido
A Groundbreaking Research in Testosterone Therapy

            In a recent study authored by Gary Donovitz and Mandy Cotton, it has been found that women who took testosterone using the BioTE Method (via bioidentical hormone pellets) had a 35.5% lower incidence of invasive breast cancer compared to historical controls. Donovitz and Cotton are BioTE Advisory Board Members.

            The Testosterone Therapy and Breast Cancer Incidence Study was a retrospective conducted over nine years, with data collected from January 2010 through October 2020. It included real-world data of 2,337 patients (women ages 29-87) who had received hormone pellets consisting of either testosterone alone (640 patients) or testosterone and estrogen (1,737 patients).

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