Many women will experience low libido when they are on birth control which is a difficult issue to deal with. Dr. Jennifer Berman offers helpful tips for dealing with these issues so that you can enjoy the benefits of birth control without having to sacrifice the intimacy in your relationship. 

Surprisingly, the reason that women’s sex drive, or libido, is affected when on birth control is due to the hormone testosterone. Testosterone influences the sex drive in both males and females. When it is suppressed due to different forms of birth control, libido will also lessen.

So, How can a woman enjoy a fulfilling sex life while taking birth control?

First, be sure that you discuss all of the options with your doctor before choosing a birth control. Dr. Berman always reviews options that will suit her client’s lifestyle since not all birth controls are created equal and they come in many different forms, from the pill to vaginal rings, IUDs, and implants in the arm. 

Once you are on the right birth control for your circumstances, be sure to examine the other circumstances in your life to see if any of them are contributing to the lessened sexual desire in addition to, or even in place of, birth control. How is the stress level in your life? Is your relationship where you want it to be? 

There are natural ways you can seek to raise your libido. Aerobic exercise and strength training can enhance your stamina, improve your body image, raise your mood, and increase your libido. Reducing stress can also do wonders to assist a women’s sex drive. Another important aspect is communicating with your partner about the issues with libido and setting aside time for sex when libidos are aligned. Of course, spicing up your routine or introducing new “toys” can always help too. 

If you are finding that all of your efforts are still leaving you feeling tired when it comes to your low libido, it may be time to schedule an appointment and seek further advice from Dr. Berman. Treatment options may include hormones, medications, or other options tailored to your unique situation. Call 310-772-0072 to book an appointment today.

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