If you’re near or within your menopausal years, you may be well aware that weight gain is one of the most common effects of changing hormones. Weight may also be affected by your genetics and your lifestyle. Perimenopause and menopause are highly individual experiences. Regardless of how well you eat and how committed you are to regular exercise, your journey may be bumpier than you’d like. The frustrations of stubborn weight gain are manageable, though. What you may need is a more effective weight loss program.

Finding the Ideal Way to Lose Weight

We know, you’ve heard it all before; the many, many tips for losing weight and keeping it off for good. The lack of results you’ve achieved may have you feeling as though there is no such thing as an ideal way to lose weight. It may all sound too good to be true. As a long-time advocate for women’s health, Dr. Berman has seen the struggles that the majority of women seem to face, especially as it pertains to menopause and weight. It is this insight that has led to the development of a comprehensive, professional weight loss program aimed at optimizing the unique metabolism of each of our patients.

There are numerous weight-loss strategies in existence today. Some promise dramatic results through a special diet, some through supplements or a complex schedule of eating at this time, not that; eating this, not that. The downfall of many of these popular programs is that they disrupt your natural metabolism. This works in the short term, but often at the expense of your vitality.

Dr. Berman’s weight loss program incorporates everything that is needed for sustained motivation, progressive improvements, and long-term results. One of the therapies that has been a game-changer for women is the use of FDA-approved weight loss medications. When used as directed, these medications provide valuable support that is needed through lifestyle modifications and hormonal changes.

During menopause, many women have decreased leptin levels and increased cortisol levels. This combination alone makes it difficult to lose weight. The medications that Dr. Berman considers are formulated to safely stave off cravings and hunger and help patients stay on track for their goals. Medications that target specific areas of the brain associated with hunger, cravings, and reward are not a replacement for diet and exercise but a boost to help maximize the efforts that are put into place.

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