Q: I am hearing about superfood cleanses and how they can reset the body, giving people more energy and a more youthful appearance. But I love dairy, and I love my strong coffee with whole milk! Do you recommend these? And have your patients had any success? 

A: I typically do not recommend anything to my patients that I haven’t tried myself, including these superfood cleanses.

The purpose of a superfood cleanse is to help people realize the power of food as medicine. It is used to change the way people incorporate superfoods into their everyday lives while transforming their overall health and wellbeing.

I, personally, have had success with the superfood cleanse, and I want to share the experience of one of my patients, who turned from a super skeptic into a superfood believer!

Dear Dr. Berman,

I want to thank you for introducing me to the KROMA superfood cleanse. I am not one to ever stick to a diet, let alone a 5 -day cleanse. However this program literally changed my life!

I am a dairy lover, so from the “get go”, I was wondering how on earth I could survive 5 days without my milk, yogurt and cheese. I was also skeptical of the claims that “you will have energy, clarity, great skin, etc.”

Day one was a breeze. Because everything is pre -packaged, there is no thinking or planning involved, other than the list of items you need to purchase before starting. Because you can eat fish, chicken, vegetables, etc., I was never hungry and never felt deprived of anything. The cookie bites took care of my sweet tooth, and the ginger tea at night was something I looked forward to.

Day two I was an emotional wreck!  I couldn’t stop crying, but it was explained to me that it was because my body was releasing all the toxins I had stored up. Years of pop tarts, processed foods, and crap!  The morning Matcha that I couldn’t stand the day before, I started craving, and my body was looking forward to the smoothies and broths.

Day three and day four, I was feeling clear headed, and full of energy! I never felt hungry and was motivated to get things done!  A very unexpected surprise! Again, I love that every day has its own little package of foods and supplements. So there is no thinking or planning involved. Just follow the schedule

Day five came so quickly, and I couldn’t believe it was my last day. I honestly can say, I never felt better in my life! I wanted to continue this way of eating. As my body literally started to crave the nourishment from the bone broths, and superfoods. I cannot thank you enough for recommending this, and reminding me it was only 5 days of my life, compared to a lifetime of feeling great!

The aftermath:

  • I no longer drink coffee (yes, you heard that correctly)
  • I no longer drink dairy (I have replaced it with oat or plant milk)
  • I crave the foods that I was eating for the last five days
  • I wish I had done this sooner…. As the biggest skeptic in the world, I am now a   TRUE BELIEVER!