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The following program contains content which is sexual in nature. It is not intended that any viewer rely on the content of the program for medical advice. If you believe you require medical or psychological advice or treatment, please consult your doctor.

Berman & Berman
For Women Only

01:00:10 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
The female breast is synonymous with sexuality, but do breasts really define us sexually?

01:00:16 Dr. Laura Berman OC
Whether we have big ones or little ones, we’re just never happy.

01:00:19 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
What is this obsession with breasts?

01:00:22 Dr. Laura Berman OC
Breasts and sexuality.

01:00:24 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
We’re Berman & Berman.

01:00:25 Dr. Laura Berman OC
And this is For Women Only.

Berman & Berman
For Women Only

01:01:41 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
Hello, and welcome. We’re talking about breasts today, big ones, little ones, fat ones, skinny ones. Are you happy with yours?

01:00:48 Dr. Laura Berman OC
I’m happy with mine, although she keeps telling me that I need to have a boob job.

01:00:52 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
They’re a little droopy, but she had a baby.

01:00:54 Dr. Laura Berman OC
They are not droopy. She’s feeling a little bit violent today. My breasts are fine. Thank you, I’m happy with them. This is actually a new disorder. Instead of me having my own body image issues, my sister has them for me.

01:01:08 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
I have it for her. I’m the plastic surgery evangelist, so?

01:01:15 Dr. Laura Berman OC
So, we have, so we’re going to be talking about the role that breasts play in sexuality, what to do, if you’re not happy with them, whether it’s okay to?

01:01:24 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
To change them.

01:01:25 Dr. Laura Berman OC
And whether it’s okay to be happy with them, like me. We sort of have different points of views on this.

01:01:30 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
Well, I’m Jennifer Berman.

01:01:31 Dr. Laura Berman OC
And I’m Laura Berman, and we run the Female?

Drs. Jennifer & Laura Berman

?Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA here In Los Angeles. I’m a sex therapist, and Jennifer’s a urologist.

01:01:39 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
Not a boob expert.

01:01:41 Dr. Laura Berman OC
And an armchair boob expert

01:01:44 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
We’re focusing on breasts and sexuality. What we want to know is, what is the fascination with breasts? We went out on the streets, and here’s what some of you said.

01:01:52 Female Interviewer VO
Is breast size important?

<Obscured> important?
Berman & Berman

01:01:54 Female with blue and white T-shirt OC
Oh, my God, I spent half my life thinking that it was. And it was horrible. I mean, it’s horrible growing up with little breasts.

01:02:03 Female with scarf OC
I think small breasts can be very beautiful. I think big breasts can. It depends on how they’re embellished.

01:02:11 Female with blue and white T-shirt OC
It took me a long time to finally say, “You know what, they’re cute. They might be small, but they’re cute.”

01:02:17 Female with black top OC
What you see is what you get. If you got to be happy with me, I’m not going to alter anything.

01:02:21 Female Interviewer VO
Are you happy with your breasts?

Are you happy with your breasts?
Berman & Berman

01:02:22 Female with scarf OC
Yeah. I’m happy with my breasts.

01:02:25 Female with dark glasses OC

01:02:26 Female with green hat OC
I don’t mind them. I know the size they are.

01:02:29 Female with blue turtleneck OC
I am very happy with my breasts.

01:02:33 Dr. Laura Berman OC/VO
“Small but cute.” Our first guest may have the answer. She’s an award-winning journalist and the author of Breasts, The Women’s Perspective on an American Obsession. Carolyn Latteier, welcome. We also have with us the West Coast editor of Stuff magazine, Lori Canter Finn <ph>. Hi. Now, Jennifer, you take it away.

01:02:51 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
Thanks, Laura. Carolyn, we’re going to start with you. How did we become such a breast-obsessed society?

01:02:57 Carolyn Latteier OC/VO 
Well, we do have a peculiar obsession with breasts in this culture. A lot of people think it’s just the human nature to be fascinated with breasts?

Carolyn Latteier

?but in many cultures, breasts aren’t sexual at all. I interviewed a young anthropologist working with women in Mali, in a country in Africa where women go around with bare breasts. They’re always feeding their babies. And when she told them that in our culture men are fascinated with breasts there was an instant of shock. The women burst out laughing. They laughed so hard, they fell on the floor. They said, “You mean, men act like babies?”

01:03:29 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
Well, what is it about the breast? Why are, is American culture so obsessed with it?

01:03:33 Carolyn Latteier VO/OC 
Well, I think it is partly to do with the fact that we don’t breastfeed very much. I mean, breastfeeding rates have improved, but most women don’t breastfeed very much or very long or in public. So when we see a breast, we don’t say, “Oh there are those magical milk-making things.”

01:03:48 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
They’re sexual in nature.

01:03:49 Carolyn Latteier VO
They’re sexual.

01:03:50 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
I see.

01:03:51 Carolyn Latteier OC/VO
And then also if you believe what happens when we’re young, when we’re an infant or a baby, matters, it means that since most of us weren’t breastfed to a year or two the way babies worldwide are, that we’re still longing for that breast.

01:04:06 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Do you feel that American or a lot of them still, are not breastfeeding, why?

01:04:12 Carolyn Latteier OC/VO
Well, there’ve been a lot of studies of this, and it shows that if women have encouragement from their culture, from their mom, their father, their girlfriends, their husband, they tend to breastfeed very successfully and very naturally. But in our culture, in spite of the fact that doctors promote it, it really isn’t accepted. You know, women have been arrested for breastfeeding in public. They’ve been kicked out of malls for breastfeeding. I had a friend who, was opened her blouse to breastfeed her baby, and her father said, “That’s disgusting,” and walked out of the room. But you know, of the women I interviewed, the ones that were happiest with their breasts were the women while they were breastfeeding. They weren’t thinking about, “Is it too small? Is it too big?” It’s just doing something wonderful.

01:04:53 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
How do men feel about women’s breasts?

01:04:56 Carolyn Latteier OC/VO
How do men feel? Well, the men that I interviewed were self-disclosed breast men. They couldn’t tell me why they were breast men, but they could just say that their hair would stick up on the back of the neck. They would go gaga when they saw breasts.

01:05:09 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Is there any man who’s not a breast man?

01:05:11 Carolyn Latteier OC/VO
Oh, yeah. There are plenty. I could tell when I told them what I was writing about the ones whose eyes glazed over were the breast men. And the ones who said, “Oh, is that a feminist book?” weren’t. The breast men I did interview had a lot of opinions about what a breast should be like, either the bigger the better or they should be young and springy and stand-upy. I had one man whose fantasy was to be the judge in a breast beauty contest.

01:05:34 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Or a wet T-shirt contest. I’m going to talk to Lori now. Lori, you’re the editor of Stuff magazine. And you’re going to show that stuff. And I was really surprised to learn that a woman is picking the models for the cover. What is it that you look for in your cover model?

01:05:52 Lori Canter Finn VO/OC
Well, the things we’re looking for, in addition to, obviously, a celebrity, you know, element to it, is someone that is comfortable with their sexuality and someone that is willing to pose in a seductive way, but yet be very comfortable with it and do it in a classy way. You know, we’re not doing anything that’s let’s say, a Cosmo cover or the, you know, What’s Sexy Now issue of InStyle.

01:06:15 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
And what do men consider sexy?

01:06:17 Lori Canter Finn VO/OC
I think, I think what they consider sexy is, you know, a little bit of a tease. It’s a revealing shot, yet it’s not completely, you know, nude or naked. I think it’s how it’s presented. And I think if it’s done in a, like I said, a classy way, but a very subtle hint of, Hi, this is my, you know, this is about my sexuality, it’s sort of the mascot for the sexuality.

01:06:41 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Are people surprised that you, a woman, chooses the cover for what men want?

01:06:46 Lori Canter Finn OC/VO
I mean, you know, obviously, we have a great team of editors that all make the final decisions, but I’m the one out there, you know, putting my name and my, you know, face out there. And at the photo shoots, I think it’s a comfort factor with the women, who, that we, we celebrate these celebrities, in particular, athletes, to actresses, to models, to musicians. They, you know, they know that I’m coming from a place of, you know, a comfort factor. And I can talk about it in a way I know what’s comfortable for me, and I can express that?

01:07:17 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
To them. Yeah, that’s true.

01:07:18 Lori Canter Finn OC
?this is what works for our magazine.

01:07:20 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
Rather than a guy saying, “Show a little shoulder. Bend over a little more.”

01:07:22 Lori Canter Finn OC
Right, right.

01:07:24 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Carolyn, how does the media affect women’s perceptions of their bodies and breasts?

01:07:28 Carolyn Latteier OC/VO
Well, women see these perfect breasts shown on the media, and they know that their secret is their breasts don’t look like that. And because we have a taboo on showing real breasts to each other, it’s sort of every woman’s secret. So, it makes them feel bad. They want to look like those pictures.

01:07:43 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
We all want to look like the Cosmo cover model. And, Lori, you, I understand, are five months pregnant.

01:07:49 Lori Canter Finn OC
Yes, I am.

01:07:50 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
And your breasts are looking plump.

01:07:53 Lori Canter Finn OC
Yes, yes, very, very, yes. Well, that’s an interesting thing you should bring up because it’s, I was, I was fine to begin with, and now they’re just a complete irritation to me.

01:08:03 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Yeah, sure. I remember.

01:08:05 Lori Canter Finn VO/OC
It’s not at all comfortable. Or you’re not feeling sexy. I’m waiting for the tummy to go out so it kind of de-emphasizes the breasts, actually. I’ve always been wanting to de-emphasize them.

01:08:15 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
What are most women’s feelings about their breasts? Are they happy or not happy?

01:08:20 Carolyn Latteier OC/VO
I would say most women are not happy. I took a bunch of slides of women’s breasts, as part of a slide show I put together, and every single woman who took off her shirt for me, had something to say, “Like, my breasts used to be great, but now they’re saggy.” Or, “I bet I’ve got the smallest breasts you’ve ever seen.” So, unfortunately, many of them are not happy.

01:08:40 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
But I think women are like that in general, whether it be their breasts or their thighs or their hair, or the color of their teeth, or whatever it is. I think, we as women are self-deprecating. Do you think that breast size affects how they’re perceived?

01:08:54 Carolyn Latteier VO/OC
They’ve done studies where they show pictures of women with different breast size to people and say, “Write down what you, what this woman is like.” And consistently, the woman with the big breasts is considered, “She’s very sexual, she’s not very dependable, she’s not very moral.”The small-breasted woman is?

01:09:08 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Not very moral!

01:09:09 Carolyn Latteier OC/VO
?seen as an intelligent, dependable, a good girl.

01:09:13 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
A good girl, the little breasted woman.

01:09:15 Carolyn Latteier OC

01:09:16 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
What do both of you think of here, what do you both think of implants, or getting implants?

01:09:20 Carolyn Latteier VO/OC
Well, I’m not nuts about them. It’s a voluntary surgery, so it’s not a necessary surgery. There’s a high problem rate with it. And I think this is going to sound really old-fashioned, but I think there is something to be gained from learning to love your body as it is.

01:09:35 Female Voice VO
That’s right.

01:09:36 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
We do need to love our bodies as it is, but if you just can’t get there. What about you?

01:09:40 Lori Canter Finn OC/VO
I agree. I mean, I came from a place when I was a teenager. I wanted the reduction surgery, and I, I had girlfriends growing up and still do that wanted to get implants. I, I felt strongly against them.

01:09:53 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC 
But after the baby, I can just tell you, based on experience, you’re going to balloon up, they’re going to shrink down, especially if you breastfeed, to these saggy, wet balloons. You can throw one over your shoulder.

01:10:06 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
So, thank you, Lori, and thank you, Carolyn, both for being here and sharing your perspectives. We’re focusing on breasts and sexuality. What, what if you think your breasts don’t measure up even to your own expectations, much less your guy’s expectations. We tackle augmentation when we come back. And later, one woman’s fight against breast cancer.

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Berman & Berman
For Women Only

01:11:18 Female Interviewer VO
How do you feel about women who have breast enhancement surgery?

<obscured> women who have breast enhancement surgery?
Berman & Berman

01:11:23 Female with blue turtleneck OC
Like somebody to have plastic surgery to make them bigger, if that makes them happier, that’s completely their choice, and you know, if that makes them much more comfortable with themselves, that’s great.

01:11:32 Female with scarf OC
I wouldn’t necessarily, wouldn’t choose that type of surgery, but I can understand why other people would, and I think it’s fine.

01:11:41 Female with black hair OC
I think women who do have implants, they do it for themselves.

01:11:45 Female Interviewer VO
Has a man ever asked you to get breast implants?

<Inaudible> you to get breast implants?
Berman & Berman

01:11:47 Female with blue and white T-shirt OC
Yes. Not, and I think that they weren’t really joking, but they were, but they weren’t. And I did. I went through the whole phase of, “Oh, my God, should I have them done? Everybody else is.” And you see the dangers and you want to do it, but you want to do it.

01:12:00 Female Interviewer VO
How did you feel when a guy asked you?

<Obscured> guy asked you?

01:12:02 Female with blue and white T-shirt OC
Terrible. It’s like what, I mean, not only do you feel bad about yourself to begin with, but then he has to ask you that. It’s like, okay, you know what, you can just leave now. Don’t even, don’t even talk to me.

01:12:18 Dr. Laura Berman OC/VO
Our topic, breast and sexuality.

Laura Berman, Ph.D.

Now we’ll focus on augmentation. It seems like we’re bombarded with images of sexy women with large breasts, but what do you do if you don’t fit that image, and what do you do if you want to avoid surgery? There are a lot of enhancement options out there, but do they really work? To explain them all to us, from the Encino Outpatient Surgery Center is plastic surgeon Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy. Welcome and thanks for being here. Jennifer?

01:12:42 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Hi, and thank you for being here.

01:12:43 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
Hi, Jennifer.

01:12:44 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
We work together?

01:12:45 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC
Thank you.

01:12:45 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
?at UCLA also, so we’re really lucky to have him here. I’m just going to show our viewers in our audience some of the quick fixes, and then I want you to talk about, a little bit more, of the dramatic alternatives. So, here we have the curves, which I see infomercials for all about on TV. And these, you can just slide right in under your bra, and they’ll give you a little extra boost. And I actually tried them on before the show and they gave, you know, you a have a little bit of a torpedo effect going, but they do feel true to life. There’s also the, this is called the gel-bra. And they also have a water bra. I know Victoria Secret makes a water bra, but this is actually a gel bra. And it gives you, probably, what do you think, about a half size, if?

01:13:32 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
Maybe not quite that.

01:13:33 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Maybe not quite? But I think it does lift and push together a little bit more.

01:13:37 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO

01:13:38 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
And we even have for that special effect is the artificial nipples. Actually 29 percent of women have what’s called inverted nipples. It can be fixed surgically?

01:13:50 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC

01:13:51 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
?and non-surgically with these. And if you’re just are out for a night on the town. You’ve brought something with you, this, this contraption. What is that?

01:14:00 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC
Well, this is called the Brava system.

01:14:03 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Does it work?

01:14:05 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
It does work. It really does seems to work?

01:14:07 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Can you show us?

Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy 
Plastic Surgeon

?how it works?

01:14:09 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC/VO
Yes. Well, I can’t show you. But, this is the, this is a dome. And it’s made out of an acrylic type of material, and the back part is a silicone gel, so to speak that actually sticks right on to the chest wall. And the breast obviously is inside. These, this tubing fits in like so, and obviously there’s two of them. Although this has been used very well for women that have asymmetric breast, where one side hasn’t developed as much as the other. And this then is hooked up to a pump, and this pump, we call this the smart box, is hooked up just like so, and a suction is then obtained inside this dome. And it then stretches the breast or vacuums the breast inside this contraption. A specially made bra is, is fitted. And the patient then has to wear this for ten hours a day.

01:15:14 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
Oh, my goodness.

01:15:15 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
And it is a major commitment for a minimum of ten to 12 weeks.

01:15:21 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
And does it, is it painful?

01:15:24 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC/VO
I’ve never worn it, but the patients, the patients get used to it. Now, the point is, what will the patient expect to gain? And that is about 100 CC’s. And I tell patients that they would gain about a half a cup size, maybe three-quarters of a cup size.

01:15:41 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
We actually have Lisa here. Lisa’s?

01:15:43 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO
Oh, Lisa’s here, yes.

01:15:44 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
?one of you patients who’s tried the Brava. Did it work for you?

01:15:48 Lisa VO

01:15:49 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Let’s have, you were an A before, and?

01:15:53 Lisa OC
No, I was less than that.

01:15:54 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
?less than A, and now you’re about an A.

01:15:56 Lisa OC
Just about an A, yeah.

01:15:57 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
And you tolerated this ten-hour a day sucking?

01:16:00 Lisa OC
Oh dear, God, yes.

01:16:01 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC

01:16:02 Lisa OC
No, if someone tells you that your boobs can get bigger, all you have to do is sacrifice ten hours a day for ten weeks?

01:16:08 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
For ten weeks.

01:16:09 Lisa OC
What the heck, yeah.

01:16:10 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
What made you choose this versus, undergoing the implants, which we’re going to talk about in just a minute?

01:16:16 Lisa OC
For two reasons. One, I didn’t want to have major surgery just because I was unhappy with my boob size. And two, I didn’t want have to go in and have the implants replaced every five to seven years which I was told would happen.

01:16:31 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
But you’re happy with your results thus far? They look good to me.

01:16:34 Lisa OC
I have results. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m very happy with the results, but you know, every little bit helps.

01:16:41 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Sure. Well, let’s move on now into the more invasive options for women that are not satisfied with their breasts. Obviously the breast implants, saline and silicone?

01:16:51 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
The silicone implant has been shown by many, many studies and is now accepted by every single scientific journal, not to cause disease. It does not cause connective tissue problems, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, any of those things. But there are mechanical problems with a silicone implant, just like there mechanical problems with the saline implant. One of them is the rippling. The saline implant and the silicone implant both have exactly the same envelope, the same shell, which is a silicone textured or smooth shell. The inside, the only difference is that the inside here is filled with saline, which is like water. The inside of the silicone gel filled implant is filled with a silicone gel.

01:17:38 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
And this one is sort of more true to life, or feels more natural.

01:17:42 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
Absolutely. And in my opinion, and in most everyone’s opinions, the silicone gel-filled implants are more natural. Essentially there are three different ways of putting these implants in, either from an incision underneath the crease of the breast, through an incision around the nipple and areola, or through the armpit.

01:18:02 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
And there is a difference if you put it directly under the skin or directly under the muscle. So, you’re going to draw for us?

01:18:08 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
Yes, and that is, that is?

Berman & Berman
For Women Only

?one thing that is still a little controversial. The whole point is, is that, if here is the breast, and the breast gland, and here are the ribs, like so. And the muscle is like so. So, the muscle only comes down to about the level of the nipple and areola. I personally prefer to the implant in front of the muscle because it gives a much more naturalaugmentation and shape. Some surgeons put it behind the muscle, I’d say maybe 50-50, put it behind the muscle.

01:18:44 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
What is the advantage of one versus the other?

01:18:46 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
Well, I personally feel that there’s disadvantages to putting it behind the muscle because it gives too much stuff above and for that reason, it gives an artificial appearance. And you can tell who’s had an implant and who has not. If you’re walking down the beach and you’re wearing a nice bikini and somebody says, “Oh, she’s had her breasts done.” That in my opinion defeats the purpose. There are advantages, however, to having it, one advantage to having it under the muscle and that it tends to decrease the rippling. Because there’s more stuff between the implant and the actual breast. But if you have enough breast tissue to begin with, and you’re looking for an augmentation, I personally feel that in front of the muscle is much more effective.

01:19:29 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO

01:19:30 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
Unfortunately, under the muscle, every time you move your arms, the implants move and?

01:19:34 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Or they can protrude out this way like mine do.

01:19:36 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO
Not quite that much.

01:20:37 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
So, Dr. Lesavoy, we have some before and after shots. Let’s take a look. Okay, there’s?

01:19:41 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
This is just a before, and then the next slide. This is just after. And this patient, I mean, in all of my patients, anyhow, I make the incision in the very top part of the armpit. So, it is imperceptible.

01:19:57 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Let’s take a look at another before. That’s about an A.

01:20:01 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
Yeah, that’s an A.

01:20:02 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
And then after?

01:20:06 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
It is nice and natural, so there’s a nice natural sweep to it. But, every patient is different. So, one can’t really judge just from one photograph or picture.

01:20:17 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
Does anyone in the audience have implants? Okay, there’s one. What’s your name?

01:20:22 Sharon OC
I’m Sharon.

01:20:22 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
And you had implants how long ago?

01:20:25 Sharon OC/VO
Actually I had two sets. And my first set I had received in ’94, in around there. And they were saline the first time, and I had gone through the armpit, and just last year I had them redone. I had a capsule, like, on one of the bags. And but they were over the muscle and everything you were talking about, which is very similar to what Dr. Lesavoy?

01:20:47 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
So, you had a capsule, meaning it was hard, one felt really hard?

01:20:50 Sharon VO/OC
There was just like a lump on?

01:20:51 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC

01:20:51 Sharon OC
?top of the bag. So?

01:20:53 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
And do you have saline or silicone?

01:20:55 Sharon VO
The first set was saline, so when I had them redone, I wanted silicone.

01:20:58 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
You got the silicone.

01:20:59 Sharon OC
Yeah. Because I do a lot of swimsuit modeling, so I stay very lean. And as you’re saying, with the rippling, because my skin’s so thin, it was just really noticeable, and especially being over the muscle, the whole bag was rippled.

01:21:11 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Could you feel it or you could see it?

01:21:13 Sharon VO/OC
I could see it, I could feel it, I could feel like everything, you know. If I just stood still, it was fine, but if I leaned over, it was just all rippled through.

01:21:20 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
And, but are you happy now? They look great.

01:21:22 Sharon OC
Well, you know what, I’m happier with the silicone. I definitely like it better. The armpit, I have to say, for me, it was so painful.

01:21:29 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO

01:21:30 Sharon OC/VO
I mean, it’s painful anyway. I mean, you know that going in, but the second time I went through the nipple and I went under the muscle this time, which I’m not happy about.

01:21:39 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC

01:21:40 Sharon VO/OC
Because, as the doctor was saying earlier, they moved, they were more natural over, and most of my girlfriends that are fitness models because they stay so lean were under the muscle and they said, they felt better with it, and the bag didn’t move around as much and so forth. But, I?

01:21:56 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
But, you liked the moving, natural

01:21:58 Sharon VO/OC
Yeah, absolutely.

01:21:59 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
How long do implants normally last?

01:22:02 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC/VO
Well, they should last forever, and there shouldn’t be any reason, necessarily to replace them, except if there are these mechanical problems like you had mentioned. And rippling is one problem, but the rippling can be avoided many times in a saline implant if it’s filled properly. And if, if just like any balloon, if you under-fill a balloon, you’ll have that rippling in the shell of the balloon. If you overfill it, it’s round and hard and that’s not what we want, obviously. So?

01:22:28 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
So, there’s a happy medium.

01:22:31 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO

01:22:31 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
Well, I’ve got rippling over here, and I don’t like it.

01:22:34 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC/VO
Let me give you my?

01:22:35 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
I’ll take it. So, our topic is breast and sexuality, and Dr. Lesavoy has given us the straight scoop on enhancement, but bigger isn’t always better. For women who are more, well endowed, the consequences can be painful. So, when we come back, Dr. Lesavoy’s going to discuss the latest techniques for reduction.

Berman & Berman
Next Breast reduction
Later Losing a Breast to Cancer

01:23:09 FADE TO BLACK

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The following program contains content which is sexual in nature. It is not intended that any viewer rely on the content of the program for medical advice. If you believe you require medical or psychological advice or treatment, please consult your doctor.

Berman & Berman
For Women Only

01:23:56 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
Welcome back. Dr. Lesavoy has been telling us about the different options for enhancement, but what if your problem is just the opposite? Can there be too much of a good thing?

01:24:05 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC
Well, there can be, actually, either if the implants are too large for augmentation. Or if a woman is born with very large breasts, they can have quite a bit of, some problems.

01:24:16 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
And what are the problems that women with large breasts can experience?

01:24:19 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC/VO
Specifically they can have and usually do have, either pain in their breast per say.

Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy
Plastic Surgeon

They have rashes underneath or between their breasts. They have back pain and neck pain. They have grooving in their shoulders from the shoulder strap.

01:24:31 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
From the bra, yeah.

01:24:33 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC/VO
And they have very poor posture because they’re embarrassed by the size, so they’re always kind of trying to hide, or they can’t participate in every day sports because of the bras, because of their breast size.

01:24:44 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
And, speaking from personal experience, I’ve had reduction, implant, lift, after the baby, but the biggest problem is clothes. You can’t wear bikinis. They don’t make bras that size, backless things. In high school, as a cheerleader, the little outfits that the girls wear, you know, these little halter things, it’s like forget it, you look like one big watermelon.

01:25:07 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC
Especially for younger women, it’s emotionally a very difficult thing.

01:25:11 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Yeah, it’s embarrassing.

01:25:12 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC/VO
And I can tell you that I see patients, and all plastic surgeons see patients from their late teens or early 20’s, all their way to their 70’s and 80’s for reduction mammoplasty. They have their breast sizes reduced. And I can tell you that of all the patients that we have, these patients are the happiest.

01:25:29 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Afterwards, yeah.

01:25:31 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO

01:25:31 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
We have some pictures, some before and after pictures. Let’s take a look at what is involved in the surgery. So, what do we have here?

01:25:39 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC/VO
Well, in general, the, anatomically the nipple and areola level should be about halfway between the shoulder and the elbow crease. One can see here the bra strap grooving. These aren’t particularly very large breasts but we want to have the nipple level?

01:25:57 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Nipple higher.

01:25:58 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO
?at about this level and reduce the mass, the size of the breast.

01:26:02 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
So, is she like a double D or even an E?.

01:26:05 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
I think she was a double D, yes. And she’s also a little asymmetric, where you can see her left breast is larger than her right by maybe 100 CCs or so. Next slide.

01:26:15 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
The after.

01:26:15 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC/VO
Or next picture. So, here she is afterwards. And you can see that the nipple level is higher now, halfway between the shoulder and the elbow crease. There is a scar that goes around the areola, like so. There’s a scar that goes straight from the areola down to the crease underneath the breast and a scar in the crease of the breast completely like so. And that’s the procedure of actual plastic reduction mammoplasty. If one has very large breasts, where the nipple and areola is complex is down around the bellybutton, which is a possibility, the blood supply to the nipple and areola then is compromised. And so, then we do have to just remove the nipple and areola and then re-graft it. But in 99 percent of the cases, the nipple and areola is brought up on a pedicle, on a vascular pedicle, so it has its own?

01:27:08 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO

01:27:08 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC/VO
?blood supply?

Vascular pedicle:
Blood supply to the nipple

?and hopefully its own sensation, so that the sensibility of the nipple areola is not decreased.

01:27:15 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC
And women can complain of hyper-sensation or decrease sensation after surgery.

01:27:18 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO
Sometimes, sometimes. But mostly decreased sensation.

01:27:21 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO

01:27:22 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy VO/OC
Usually with reduction mammoplasty, the operation itself, there is a significant amount of scaring on the outside, and it really reduces the chances of breastfeeding.

01:27:31 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
We have Carol in our audience, who just went under, underwent reduction mammoplasty. And how do you feel now, Carol?

01:27:39 Carol OC
I haven’t stopped smiling. It’s been a really positive experience for me.

01:27:44 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
What made you decide to do it?

01:27:47 Carol OC/VO
I had visited my gynecologist and just telling her about medically about what Dr. Lesavoy was saying, backache and neck ache, and I did have the posture, you know, problem, not standing up straight, but headaches too. I just felt like I had to do it.

01:28:06 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
So, Carol thank you?

01:28:07 Carol VO
Thank you.

01:28:08 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
?for being with us. And Dr. Lesavoy, what do we do if you want your breasts lifted up?

01:28:14 Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy OC/VO
Well, it’s the same process, pretty much. The scars are not quite as extreme, but there definitely always is a scar around the areola and a scar usually from the areola down to the crease underneath from the breast.

01:28:26 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Well, thank you, Dr. Lesavoy. Our top is Breasts and Sexuality. Up next, a breast cancer survivor’s inspiring story. Plus, the latest reconstructive techniques, so don’t go away.

Next Surviving breast cancer

01:28:37 Jenny Nash VO/OC
I’m really happy with my reconstruction. I’m thrilled with it, in fact. You can’t tell, can you?

01:28:43 FADE TO BLACK

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Berman & Berman
For Women Only

01:29:23 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
We’re back and focusing on breasts and sexuality. And keeping breasts healthy is something?

Jennifer Berman, M.D.

?a lot of women don’t even think about, even though breast cancer is the second deadliest cancer in the United States. We recently met a woman who was faced with the terrible news that she had breast cancer, and let’s hear her story.

01:29:46 Jenny Nash VO/OC 
Hi, Carlin <ph>.

01:29:48 Carlin VO
Hi, mom.

01:29:49 Jenny Nash OC/VO
Hi. I’ve been married for 13 years, and I’m a mother of two little girls. And I’m a writer. ?cinnamon toast? I was comfortable with my body. I was happy with it. My breasts had changed a lot over 
time because of breastfeeding, and I was aware of those changes, but it was nothing that I focused on or thought much about. I tried to watch what I ate, and I exercised and as much as I could with two kids and a busy life, just like anyone else. I just had this feeling that something wasn’t right. They found irregularities on the first mammogram, and it took them a while to figure out what they were. I had calcifications that didn’t look right, and they tracked them for six months. And when they went back after six months, they found that they were in fact cancerous.

01:30:46 Jenny Nash OC/VO
My reaction was just shock, disbelief. For me, in some ways hearing the word “cancer” wasn’t the worst part of it. The worst part was hearing the words “surgeon” and “oncologist.” Those words in particular sort of froze me. It was a very aggressive form, and it was throughout all the milk ducts in my breasts. And at that point they told me that I needed to have a mastectomy. A mastectomy itself is not a very complicated or long surgery, but of course psychologically it’s just enormous.

01:31:26 Jenny Nash VO/OC
The two people that were the hardest to tell were my kids. There’s this sense there’s a moment no one’s ever going to forget, and am I going to do it right? And, you know, of course, there’s no right way to do it. I ultimately decided to reconstruct immediately at the same time as I had the 
mastectomy. I had what’s called a skin-sparing mastectomy. So, they take the nipple away and they sort of scoop all the breast tissue out and leave the skin. And what they did is they took the fat tissue from my tummy and built me a new breast. And it’s a micro-vascular surgery, which mean they sew the blood vessels back together. And they sew the flesh back into place onto the breast.

01:32:11 Jenny Nash VO/OC
I’m really happy with my reconstruction. I’m thrilled with it, in fact. You can’t tell, can you? There’s not a scar that you can see, unless I’m naked. I have a scar up under my arm, and this scar is hard to see here, but this patch of skin in the middle is from my tummy. That’s my tummy skin. It came from right here. And this is the tattoo, and this is what I look like. And I remember my plastic surgeon telling me, “There will be days that go by that you forget you had breast cancer.” And I thought, “Oh, come on, you know.” But it’s true. It really is true, which is the great 
benefit of this surgery that I chose.

01:32:53 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
Jenny’s experience led her to write the book, “The Victoria’s Secret Catalog Never Stops Coming,” which I love that title. Please welcome Jenny Nash. You’re doing well now.

01:33:04 Jenny Nash OC
I’m doing great. It’s been two and a half years since my surgery, and I just had a checkup where there was no evidence of disease, which?

01:33:11 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
All right, good.

01:33:12 Jenny Nash VO
?is what we want.

01:33:12 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
That’s great. How did you feel when you first got the diagnosis?

01:33:17 Jenny Nash OC
Well, the mastectomy news came to me…

Jennie Nash
Author/ Cancer Survivor

?came for me, sort of, into the process. I had a lumpectomy first, which is what the sort of typical protocol is.

01:33:25 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC

01:33:26 Jenny Nash VO/OC
You try to do the lumpectomy and radiation to see if you can get it out, and they couldn’t. So, I didn’t, I was already sort of into the cancer thing by the time they told me I was going to lose the breast. But that day that they told me was by far the worst day, just getting that news. It was horrifying.

01:33:45 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO

01:33:46 Jenny Nash VO
It was horrifying.

01:33:46 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
And in terms of how you felt about, in addition to losing the breast and the fear and all that other stuff, how did it affect you in terms of how you felt about your body and your sexuality? What were your concerns there?

01:33:58 Jenny Nash VO/OC
Well, you know, what’s interesting about the whole reconstruction process is that you, it happens in the middle of a medical crisis. So, I think sometimes when you’re looking at it form the outside, you tend to think what would happen if they called you up today and said, “You have to lose your breast.”

01:34:13 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Right. The last thing you’re thinking about is how it’s going to affect?

01:34:14 Jenny Nash VO/OC
Right, right. So, you’re dealing with this whole medical thing, you’re dealing with this life and death thing, and obviously the sexuality and the femininity is part of it, but it’s part of a package. And I think that sometimes we forget that when we think about it. I actually didn’t think about it as much before. It was more fear of the surgery, difficulty making the decisions. But it wasn’t until after I was done that that whole issue came out for me, and I acted really strangely. I behaved in some really strange ways, actually.

01:34:46 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
In what way?

01:34:47 Jenny Nash VO/OC
I kept taking my clothes off to show people my new breast. People would want into my house with a casserole, and I’d say, “Look,” I, there’s a really funny story?

01:34:59 Dr. Jennifer Berman 
It’s like desensitizing yourself.

01:35:00 Jenny Nash VO/OC
Yeah, yeah. My minister came to visit me in the hospital. She happened to be a woman, and you know, she’s, “How are you doing” and all this. And I said, “I’m great. Have you seen it?” and opened my hospital gown. And she was actually very wise because she said, “It looks great Jenny, but have you seen it?”

01:35:18 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO

01:31:19 Jenny Nash OC/VO
And I hadn’t looked at it yet. So, it was interesting that she had the wisdom to sort of say, “Well, it’s great you’re showing everybody in the world, but have you looked at it?” But that definitely was my way of, I wanted all that reaction of people saying, “Wow, it looks great!”

01:35:36 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
It looks good, the reinforcement. Do you have sensation in that breast at all?

01:35:40 Jenny Nash OC 
I have pins and needles sensation and skin sensation, but it’s numb for the most part.

01:35:45 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
It’s numb, so there’s no erotic sensation there whatsoever?

01:35:48 Jenny Nash VO/OC
No, no, and that’s actually the biggest change, the biggest factor that I’ve had to deal with. I mean, I can get up and get dressed in the morning. I can go to the pool. I can be in a locker room. Nothing affects me. It’s mine now, this breast. This new breast is mine. But I don’t like my husband touching me? 

01:36:08 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
There on that one.

01:36:08 Jenny Nash OC/VO
?there. Yeah, because I feel like I think it must be what people who lose a limb feel like. I just feel this sort of, like it’s not the same?

01:36:18 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO

01:36:18 Jenny Nash OC
It doesn’t feel like the other one is out of balance. And I sort of, I sort of, you know, and I don’t do that. And that obviously gets in the way of things.

01:36:28 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
How is this, how has this all affected your daughters and how they feel about breasts and their bodies and so forth?

01:36:36 Jenny Nash VO/OC
They know more about breast cancer, certainly, then they have any right to know, but than a lot of women, to be honest.

01:36:40 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO

01:36:42 Jenny Nash VO/OC
They know that people die and they know that people live. And, the thing that they know that I’m most proud of, though, is that our bodies are our bodies, are ours, no matter what happens to them. No matter what change comes to them, they’re still ours, and they, they’re so comfortable with themselves and they’re comfortable with me. I made a decision to let them see me through the whole process.

01:37:06 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Sure, that’s important.

01:37:08 Jenny Nash VO/OC
And, you know, we put so much on kids, where we think they’re going to flip out over something because we’re flipping out over it. And it’s nothing to them.

01:37:15 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Well, Jenny you’ve been such an inspiration to other women with breast cancer. What inspired you to go on this, to that crusade helping other women?

01:37:25 Jenny Nash OC/VO
Well, I was a writer before I was a breast cancer patient, and I had really what was the gift of seeing the story in my story. I mean, that’s what a writer’s trained to do, is to see a story. And in the midst of this tragedy, I was, I was acutely aware of the story. In fact, I’d be in the doctors’ offices, and they’d be explaining things to me, and I’d be thinking, “Oh, this is a great dialog, or this is a great scene.” And I’d be writing down dialog, instead of writing down the medical stuff.

01:37:53 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
It might have also been a way for you to cope too, do you think??

01:37:56 Jenny Nash OC
Yeah, yeah.

01:37:57 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
?like cathartic or therapeutic, just to sort of take an objective role.

01:38:02 Jenny Nash OC/VO
But what I found is that everybody has a story, everybody knows someone who had breast cancer, a sister, a mother, a friend, a co-worker. And everybody has wisdom about it, and we’re not often urged to bring them out or share that. And it seems like my story struck this spark in people, read it and feel like, you know, I got wise <ph> too.

01:38:22 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Yeah, yeah. Do you have any Victoria Secret lingerie?

01:38:25 Jenny Nash OC/VO
I love that question because I’ve been touring the country and doing book signings and not one single person has asked me that until today.

01:38:32 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Is that right?

01:38:33 Jenny Nash OC/VO
So, I love that question. People always come up to me and they whisper and they say, “You know, we know how to get that catalog to stop coming.”

01:38:38 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Oh, God!

01:38:39 Jenny Nash OC
And they want to give me an 800 number, you know, like some marketing thing. And, you know, I always want to whisper back and say, “That’s not the point.”

01:38:46 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Yeah, that’s true.

01:38:46 Jenny Nash OC/VO
You know what I mean? I do. I have Victoria Secret lingerie.

01:38:49 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Yeah, good for you.

01:38:50 Jenny Nash OC
And I’m a little bit of a lingerie junkie these days, which I never was before.

01:38:54 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Well, your body looks great.

01:38:56 Jenny Nash VO
Thank you.

01:38:56 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
Jenny, thank you so much for being here. The book is called, The Victoria’s Secret Catalog Never Stops Coming. Jenny Nash, thank you so much for being here. Your questions when we come back. Thanks

01:39:12 Next Questions & Answers

01:39:20 FADE TO BLACK

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Berman & Berman

01:39:58 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
We’ve been discussing breasts and sexuality, and if you’re a woman, you can definitely relate.

01:40:03 Dr. Laura Berman OC
So, what do you all think, love them, hate them, just wish all the hype would go away? Any thought?

01:40:08 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
How about you right here in the front?

01:40:09 Chantal VO/OC
Yes, I would?

01:40:10 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
What’s your name?

01:40:11 Chantal OC
My name is Chantal.

01:40:12 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO

01:40:13 Chantal OC/VO
And I would like to know, okay, I had a, what are the signs, like, of cancer in the breasts? Like, for a while my breasts have been leaking, and I don’t know whether that’s normal or what, you know?

01:40:26 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Okay, so the risk factors, or risks or the signs that for breast cancer would be any lumps. You should do, we should, and we didn’t mention this today, but we all need to do routine self-exams. So, you need to check yourself for lumps. If you feel any lumps?

Jennifer Berman, M.D.

?if you feel any irregularities, if you’re having any pain in terms of? And then the other thing for a woman of your age, you need to get yearly mammograms and/or an ultrasound. In terms of the leaking that is a little bit concerning because leaking, which is breast milk, probably, can be related to hormone changes. So, I would have your hormone levels checked, in particular, the prolactin levels. Because prolactin is the hormone that causes letdown of milk.

01:41:13 Chantal VO/OC
Because I’ve never had children. I’ve never had?

01:41:16 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
So, obviously, you need to see your doctor and you let your doctor know.

01:41:18 Chantal OC
Okay, yes.

01:41:20 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
Okay, because that’s not normal.

01:41:21 Chantal OC

01:41:22 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
All right. Other questions, everyone, anyone, up here? What is your name?

01:41:26 Darla OC

01:41:27 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO

01:41:27 Darla OC
I would like to know at what age would a girl consider getting a breast reduction or a breast augmentation?

01:41:33 Dr. Laura Berman VO/OC
That’s a really good question. You know, I think it’s, girls today, you know, are wanting to make changes on their bodies through surgery much earlier than ever before and are feeling pressured to change their appearance and to diet. I think it’s really important to not only give a child a chance to grow up and allow her breasts to grow into their final size, but also to really make sure that she’s doing it for the right reason, because girls, especially, are under so much pressure. Statistics show that girls are dieting now by the time they enter high school. There’s so much pressure on young girls, as well as women to look a certain way. And to put a child through surgery, allow her to, before her judgment is fully in place, would not be a wise decision. So, I tell people to at least wait until they are 18, of a legal age, to be able to make these decisions for themselves. And some parents?

01:42:24 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
And have gone through puberty and developed completely.

01:42:25 Dr. Laura Berman OC
Right. And some, and some parents have even said, “You know, when you can pay for it yourself, that’s the time to get it.”

01:42:32 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
Start saving that allowance. Other questions. Anybody else? Right down here. What is your name?

01:42:40 Char OC
My name is Char. I’ve thought about the idea of breast augmentation, but I’ve wondered later on when I become a mother what the risks are associated with breastfeeding with the implants.

01:42:53 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Yeah, I mean, that’s a really good question. And all the data, and as the doctor stated, that with breast implants, whether they’re beneath the skin, or beneath the muscle, you still can breastfeed. Though, the problem is, if you’ve had a breast reduction. That’s when the likelihood of breast, the ability to breastfeed decreases. Any other questions? Up here?

01:43:17 Female with white hair OC/VO
Yeah, I have a question about breasts and sexuality. When my husband and I make love and he fondles my breasts, I don’t have particularly any sensation at all up there. I mean, I don’t mind it, but I don’t, you know, he could skip it, and I wouldn’t miss it.

01:43:36 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
It’s not erotic for you to have your breasts touched.

01:43:37 Female with white hair OC
No, and I’m just wondering if there’s some reason for that, or you know?

01:43:43 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Well, and has it been that way you whole life?

01:43:46 Female with white hair VO
Yeah, I’d say so.

01:43:47 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
Yeah. I mean, a lot of women don’t find, a lot of women find it very erotic, but there are also women that don’t find it erotic. Is there anyone else in the audience that does not like having their breasts touched or finding?

01:43:58 Female in audience VO
It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just not very erotic.

01:44:00 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
It’s not very arousing. any others, up here too, and I’ll say three. That you just, it’s like, you know, why bother. But the medical reasons why that might be happening are hormonal, or if you’ve had a dramatic change in the size, due to weight gain or weight loss. Low estrogen and low testosterone levels can affect nipple sensation. I mean, there are things that you can do to enhance sensation in your nipples, in particular hormone therapies. So?

01:44:28 Dr. Laura Berman VO/OC
These have been great questions, and we’ve also been getting some terrific questions on our website. We actually want to answer one now. This one is from Nadine, and she’s asking about our opinion on Bloussants, which she has heard about it.

01:44:42 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Is that a blouse <ph>?

01:44:43 Dr. Laura Berman OC/VO
No. She’s heard about it. It’s a natural herbal products that enhances breast size. Her husband doesn’t mind. “My husband doesn’t mind that I want to try it, but I want to know if you’re aware of any side effects? Now, there’s lots of herbal products out there that supposedly make your breasts grow larger. I mean, we don’t necessarily buy this, or?

01:45:02 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Not FDA approved, no placebo control clinical trials, I would proceed with caution. If you are going to do anything, realize that herbs can also be drugs. So, you need to be careful.

01:45:12 Dr. Laura Berman OC/VO
And there can be side effects. We don’t, we’re not familiar with this particular product. But people think just because it’s herbal, there probably aren’t side effects. Not only can there be side effects, but there can be other drug interactions, so it’s really important to be, to be careful about that. But in terms of what we’ve been talking about today?

01:45:29 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
I mean, I think there’s, we’ve covered a lot of topics, making breasts bigger, making breasts smaller, self-esteem with our body, as it is.

01:45:37 Dr. Laura Berman VO/OC
I definitely think that plastic surgery should be an option, but I also feel like on some level, we’ve got to be really careful not to lose sight of reality. And if we are trying to attain these unrealistic ideals and putting our bodies through surgeries in order to attain them, may be, it behooves us to look inside a little bit more and stop the madness.

01:45:59 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
Right, well you can feel great about yourself, be at peace with yourself, be in a better place and still feel like your boobs are too small. So, thanks so much for joining us on Berman & Berman For Women Only.

01:46:10 Dr. Laura Berman OC
And if you’d like to learn more about the topics we cover on Berman & Berman or ask a question yourself, even be a guest in our studio audience, visit us at?

For more information visit


01:46:21 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
Thanks. Bye.


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lighting designer Jeff Calderon
camera operators George Aponte Tina Lezesque Harriet Yuhl
jib operator Keith Dicker
make-up Karen Knopp
hair Kelly Schoephoerster
wardrobe Julie Kozak
interns Jess Santucci Robin Veltri
<obscured> thanks Brava Curves Bragel 
Bodyperks Stuff Magazine
jewelry provided by Liz Palacious
shoes provided by Stuart Weitzman
music provided by Bos Music Inc.
for Weller/Grossman Productions
executive in charge of production David Shikiar
for Discovery Health 
executive in charge of production Bob Reid
vice president of producing Donald H. Thoms
executive producer Mark Poertner
production management Betsy LeDonne
business affairs Jennifer Williams
legal counsel Laura Farina
production assistant Jai Mitchell
produced by Weller/Grossman Productions for DHC Ventures, L.L.C. 
Discovery Health Channel
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