We’re all about keeping it real with our patients. That ideal body that so many people want? It’s nearly impossible to achieve while still living a normal life. If you’ve got a job and a family and a social life and still want time for rest, getting that flat, firm stomach or curvy backside you’ve envisioned can become a frustrating endeavor. It doesn’t have to. Dr. Berman has evaluated all of the body contouring modalities currently available and has selected particular devices to include in our menu of services. Until EMSCULPT, no device had been able to achieve such dramatic results.

Why EMSCULPT is Not Your Average Body Contouring Treatment

The problem with losing weight and getting fit is that there are no guarantees. You may be doing all the right things and still not making the gains you thought you would. Many people feel this way, which is exactly why nonsurgical body contouring has seen a 50% increase in popularity in just the past few years. There are more than a dozen innovative technologies used today. However, none do what EMSCULPT does.


EMSCULPT is a body contouring device developed for two hard-to-sculpt areas, the buttocks and the abdomen. Here, people often wish they could show off more muscle tone than what they can achieve in the gym. EMSCULPT tones the deep layers of tissue using high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. This is a safe technology that is similar to what is used in MRI diagnostic imaging. Rather than using this energy to observe internal organs and tissues, the EMSCULPT device uses electromagnetic technology to force supramaximal muscle contractions. These deep contractions are not painful. They occur in such rapid succession that a 30-minute session is comparable to performing 20,000 crunches or squats, but without the strain and massive commitment of time.

The deep, fast contractions that occur during an EMSCULPT session not only cause muscle tissue to restructure itself, but also stimulate fat-burning in the target area. This acts to further enhance the results of a series of treatments. There is no downtime after treatment and no special protocol to follow. Just maintain the healthy habits you have already put into place and you can enjoy long-lasting results from your personalized body contouring program.

To learn more about EMSCULPT and what it can do for you, contact our Los Angeles office at (213) 238-5196 to arrange a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Berman.