Anti-Aging Treatment

Individualized Treatment

Dr. Jennifer Berman

Let’s face it, society isn’t getting any less obsessed with youth and youth regeneration. In this day and age people are living longer, feeling (and looking) younger further into their lifespans, and exploring methods that can increase their vitality and longevity exponentially. Does that sound like you? Are you interested in shaving years off of your appearance without resorting to cumbersome surgeries? Trust me, you’re not alone.

As a leading women’s sexual health expert I’m constantly looking for ways to help my patients look and feel their very best, on the outside and the inside. I’m Dr. Jennifer Berman and I’m an accomplished urologist and a mainstay in the media when it comes to women’s sexual health.

I always custom-tailor my anti-aging treatments to meet YOUR unique needs as a patient. You have unique circumstances, genetics, and a unique history that all need to be taken into consideration. During your full comprehensive examination we’ll sit with what is (so to speak) while carefully considering your goals and ambitions.

Together, we set realistic, yet ambitious objectives and we stay laser-focused on getting the lasting results you desire. My services include wrinkle removal and I can address stretch marks and problem areas of your skin and body that are resistant to conventional treatments.

The Dr. Berman Difference

The truth is, there are a number of variables that can make you age faster. Diet (eating foods high in sugar and processed carbs, for instance), smoking or chewing tobacco, long stays in the tanning bed, environmental factors, sun exposure, genetics, stress, and other factors can all be making you look older at a faster pace. I’ll diagnose where the problems are coming from and provide education and information about how you can fight the aging process beyond my minimally invasive treatments that address you as a whole person.

My anti-aging treatments can also help boost your sexual health, which can become compromised when you’re feeling anything less than sexy and desirable. Together, we’ll come up with an individualized anti-aging treatment plan that works for you. Contact me today at (310) 772-0072 to schedule your full comprehensive examination. I’m here to help you turn back the hands of time in order to look and feel your very best again.

*Female Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman has written information about Anti-Aging that has been carefully reviewed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using our form.

Cassie F.

“Dr. Jennifer Berman offers a painless treatment to exfoliate dirt and other debris on the skin, I immediately went to Hydrafacial Los Angeles. What I read online is true! After two sessions, my face feels and looks cleaner, smoother, and more even skin tone. The treatment includes antioxidants and peptides that protect and reduces the signs of aging.”

Davina G.

“Because of stress and aging, my skin is dry and fine lines are visible. I went to Hydrafacial Los Angeles to try the painless treatment by Dr. Jennifer Berman. I didn’t know how my face will react to the treatment, so I started with the Signature hydrafacial. The treatment itself was relaxing and soothing. After the treatment, I went home bare-faced. My skin felt smoother and brighter. I got what’s my money’s worth. Will definitely go back for this.”