Jennifer Berman MD

Description: Exclusive b-roll footage: ‘The Doctors’ co-host Dr. Jennifer Berman and ‘Below Deck’ star Captain Sandy Yawn on the red carpet at the Primary Wave 13th annual Pre-Grammy party held at The London Hotel in Los Angeles, California USA on February 9, 2019 Viewers Also Enjoyed…
PSAS: A Newly Discovered Pattern of Excessive Female Arousal That Can Continue Unremittingly for Hours, Days, or Weeks. Most physicians are familiar with the common sexual complaints of women (i.e., hypoactive sexual desire, sexual arousal difficulties, an orgasmia, dyspareunia).These problems are quite prevalent, and are reported either spontaneously or after careful sexual inquiry by the physician. Far less common
Dr. Jennifer Berman is now offering Beautifill, by Alma, a revolutionary liposuction and fat transfer treatment. Dr. Jennifer Berman is a world-renowned urologist and pioneer in the field of female sexual health. She is now expanding with Alma, creator of BeautiFill, to bring a new and revolutionary fat transfer system that offers significant advantages over traditional liposuction methods.  For
Dr. Jennifer Berman, owner and director of Berman’s Women’s Wellness Clinic in Beverly Hills, has worked with BTL Aesthetics to bring new and effective technology to the market. From EmSculpt NEO to Emsella to the newest technology; EmFemme 360, Dr Berman and BTL Aesthetics have made many women and men extremely happy with the results they have provided! Dr
With age, menopause, and childbirth, the vagina undergoes a lot of changes. These changes include laxity or “stretched out” tissues, decreased lubrication, decreased sensitivity, painful intercourse, prolapse, and urinary incontinence. One form of treatment you should absolutely know about if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms is Votiva. Here are five facts you should know about this amazing treatment