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Customized Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy Catered Specifically for Transgender Individuals

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Whether you’re embarking on the journey of masculinization or feminization as part of your transition, Dr. Jennifer Berman and her team of experts stand ready to provide unwavering support every step of the way. Dr. Berman’s primary objective is to empower transgender individuals to not only look their best but also to feel their best, achieved through personalized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments.

With decades of experience in optimizing health and harmony for individuals of all genders through hormone balance, Dr. Berman recognizes the pivotal role hormones plays in both physical and emotional well-being, particularly for those undergoing gender transition.

The cornerstone of Dr. Berman’s approach lies in evidence-based, medically proven hormone replacement therapy tailored specifically for transgender patients. Traditional hormone replacement therapies often come with side effects and health risks stemming from the oral or intramuscular injections which result in fluctuating hormone levels. Dr. Berman’s pellet program, however, eliminates these fluctuations, ensuring patients maintain steady, balanced hormone levels based on the dosage they need. Each patient is different, and each dose is meticulously calculated based on a comprehensive assessment of medical factors including age, weight, height, past medical history, risk factors, and extensive laboratory data.

Under Dr. Berman’s guidance and utilizing her specialized pellet program, the desired hormones are released from the pellets in accordance with your specific metabolism, blood flow and cardiac output. This precise method of delivery mirrors the body’s natural hormone release, offering a more physiological and natural approach compared to the oral or injected hormone delivery systems. This approach is especially important for transgender patients who are immediately post op who require full doses of hormones and are at higher risk for side effects. 

Whether you’re seeking masculinization or feminization as part of your transition, Dr. Jennifer Berman and her carefully curated team of experts is here to support you every step of the way. Dr. Berman’s goal is to empower her trans patients to look and feel their best with personalized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, minimally invasive esthetic treatments, and personalized care and support.

After decades of helping women and men optimize health and harmony through hormone balance, and personally going through changes due to aging and menopause Dr. Berman knows and has experienced first-hand how hormone balance can impact physical and emotional wellbeing. This is particularly relevant to trans patients and those who are undergoing gender transition.

Dr. Berman’s transgender pellet program for hormone replacement therapy is safe, effective and evidence based. Many transgender patients undergoing the traditional hormone replacement therapy with intramuscular injections will experience side effects and health related risks. This occurs due to the extreme fluctuations in hormone levels. Dr. Berman’s pellet program eliminates the ups and downs in hormone levels which allows for a more natural, physiologic, and convenient approach.  Pellet therapy is precise and individualized specifically for you based on your age, weight, height, medical history, risk factors, and laboratory data. This allows for our patients to experience steady, balanced hormone levels without the fluctuations and side effects.

With Dr. Berman as your champion, you can expect a seamless, convenient, and painless process. Her trans patients frequently report that the hormone pellets feel more natural compared to their oral and/or injectable hormones. Dr. Berman’s goal is to provide safe and effective hormone treatments that emulate your body’s natural hormone release. This is especially important in post-op transgender patients who typically require larger doses hormones.

Dr. Berman’s overarching goal is to administer safe and effective hormone treatments that closely mimic the body’s innate hormone release patterns. If you are seeking compassionate, expert care from a top-notch expert who possesses a deep understanding of transgender patients’ unique needs, we are here to offer our assistance.

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