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Rediscover your confidence and rejuvenate your intimate wellness with Aviva Vaginal Rejuvenation - the non-surgical solution for enhancing vaginal tightness, restoring youthful vitality, and empowering your femininity.

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What is Aviva?

Aviva Vaginal Rejuvenation is a non-surgical treatment that aims to rejuvenate the labia and restore a youthful look and function. It utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy to stimulate collagen production and enhance tightness and elasticity in the vulval tissues. The procedure involves a handheld device that delivers controlled RF energy to the targeted areas of the vulva. The gentle heating of the tissues encourages collagen remodeling and the generation of new collagen. Aviva Vaginal Rejuvenation offers a minimally invasive option for women seeking to enhance their vaginal health and overall well-being.
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A Closer Look

“What is cellulite?”

Vaginal rejuvenation is a trendy buzzword amongst Hollywood’s celebrities and LA’s cosmetic surgery addicted clientele. It is becoming a mainstream household term that women of all ages are familiar with, especially those looking to reverse the effects of time on every part of their body. Science and medicine have both come a long way, and the physical changes that used to be unavoidable to generations of the past are now highly treatable and correctible.


Sexual health is an important aspect of a woman’s life, no matter if you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond. A growing number of treatments and procedures are available to women who wish to improve the look, feel and function of the vagina and the surrounding structures. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, feminine rejuvenation is one of the most rapidly developing trends in plastic surgery.


Vaginal rejuvenation is a broad term for treatments directed towards the structure, function and appearance of the vagina and labia. These procedures can be done for cosmetic reasons and/or to solve age-related problems, such as lack of vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence.


Vaginal rejuvenation is an umbrella term that encompasses more than a few different medical procedures, including (but not limited to) surgery. Vaginal rejuvenation is often referred to as female genital cosmetic surgery, vulvovaginal plastic surgery, designer vaginal surgery, female genital rejuvenation surgery and more. These procedures can be done for cosmetic reasons or to solve issues related to aging, such as a lack of vaginal lubrication or stress urinary incontinence.


The names above all refer to a broad category of aesthetic and functional treatments for the vagina. Specific vaginal rejuvenation procedures include:

Surgery is sometimes the best option for women who want to achieve the most noticeable age-defying results. For many patients, however, the idea of surgery — particularly in such a sensitive area — can be daunting and undesirable. Modern feminine rejuvenation options now include minimally-invasive and nonsurgical treatments capable of addressing some of the most common issues related to women’s intimate wellness.


As a leading authority in women’s sexual health, I’m always searching for innovative ways to help my patients look and feel their best, inside and out. Contact 310-772-0072 to schedule your consultation at the Berman Women’s Wellness Center in Beverly Hills. I look forward to helping you explore your options for vaginal rejuvenation and facilitating a lasting, positive change in your life.


All these different names mentioned above refer to the same thing. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures include:

Our Skin Tightening Treatments

The Radiofrequency Revolution

Energy-based treatments use the power of heat to remodel the tissues of the vulva and vagina. At the Berman Women’s Wellness Center, I perform feminine rejuvenation procedures with Votiva, a multi-functional system by InMode that treats a range of women’s health and wellness concerns with radiofrequency (RF) energy. RF energy generates a gentle heating effect when it is delivered beneath the skin. The heat safely stimulates tissue remodeling, collagen and elastin formation, and the growth of new blood vessels in the treated area. RF treatments can be done in a doctor’s office with minimal discomfort and little or no recovery time.

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How Does Aviva Work?

Aviva Vaginal Rejuvenation utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy to enhance the health and appearance of vulval tissues. The procedure involves the use of a specialized handheld device that delivers controlled RF energy to the targeted areas of the vulva. The RF energy gently heats the tissues, stimulating collagen production and promoting tissue remodeling. This results in improved labial tightness, elasticity, and overall health. The minimally invasive nature of Aviva Vaginal Rejuvenation makes it a convenient option for women looking to rejuvenate their vulval area without surgery.

Why Choose Aviva Over Other Treatment Options?

Aviva is a suitable option for those who prefer a minimally invasive procedure and want to improve labial tightness and overall health without undergoing surgery. However, the choice between Aviva and labiaplasty should be based on individual needs and preferences, so it’s important to consult with Dr. Jennifer Berman to determine the most appropriate option for you.
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Votiva / FormaV

FormaV is a noninvasive tightening treatment that rejuvenates the internal and external vaginal tissues. The ergonomic FormaV wand is carefully inserted into the vaginal canal and emits uniform radiofrequency energy into the surrounding tissues. When the RF energy reaches the deeper layers of tissue, it generates heat. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers and improves blood circulation to enhance sexual experience, while improving muscle tone in the pelvic floor to address urinary incontinence. The wand can also be used externally on the inner and outer labia, around the clitoris and around the urethra for aesthetic improvements.

FormaV is a safe and effective option for many women seeking nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation. Women who have given birth vaginally or who are experiencing menopause are ideal candidates for this treatment. Women who struggle with involuntary urinary leakage during exercise, coughing, sneezing, laughing or other activities may wish to consider treatment with FormaV to improve these symptoms. Women who are looking to improve sexual function and women who are interested in aesthetic enhancement of the vulva may also be interested in the benefits FormaV can offer. I customize each treatment according to the patient’s age, concerns and desired results.

FormaV treatments are performed in-office after a thorough consultation. The FormaV wand is gently passed through the vaginal canal while three electrodes at the tip of the wand emit radiofrequency energy. The wand is rotated to ensure all areas are treated evenly. While you may feel pressure or stretching during the treatment, most patients tolerate the sensations well. Treatment of the external tissues generates a mild warming feeling, similar to a heating pad. If you’re concerned about discomfort, we can start the treatment at a lower intensity and adjust as tolerated. Numbing cream is also an option we can discuss.

Patients can expect little to no downtime after a FormaV treatment. Some women experience slight discomfort or sensitivity immediately after the treatment, while others notice no unusual sensations at all. Most patients can return to their daily activities as soon as they leave the Berman Women’s Wellness Center. It’s recommended to wait approximately one week before having vaginal intercourse to allow for optimal healing.

Results of a FormaV treatment can be felt and seen immediately, with continued results that develop over the following weeks. You may notice results after only one session. However, most patients require three treatments for the best and longest-lasting results. I determine the optimal number of sessions for a patient based on her treatment concerns, her goals and whether her vaginal rejuvenation plan involves a combination of modalities or a single treatment approach.


Aviva is the second nonsurgical technology incorporated into the Votiva system. Using radiofrequency energy, Aviva restores the appearance of the vulva by delivering safe and uniform heat to the area’s soft tissues, including the labia minora, the labia majora, the clitoral hood, the vaginal opening and the perineal body. Aviva acts as a non-excisional alternative to a labiaplasty that can be done under local anesthesia in an office setting in less than 20 minutes. Potential labiaplasty patients who are intimidated by the idea of surgery or scars in such a sensitive area now have the option to choose this scarless, low-downtime treatment.
Women who feel self-conscious about excess labia majora tissue or labia minora tissue, or excessive clitoral hooding, are potential candidates for Aviva. Women who experience physical discomfort from these concerns may also find relief with Aviva. Aviva is most effective for women with a mild to moderate amount of excess tissue. Women with very large labia may achieve better results with traditional surgical labiaplasty. To find out whether a scarless labiaplasty is right for you, please schedule a consultation to discuss what your concerns are and what you hope to accomplish with treatment.
Aviva scarless labiaplasty is performed in-office with the use of local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. The Aviva handpiece consists of a thin probe that travels underneath the skin and an electrode that rests on the surface of the skin. Radiofrequency energy is passed between the internal and external components of the handpiece to generate heat in the tissue. Although the minimally-invasive device makes a micro-incision in the skin, there is little discomfort during treatment and no visible scarring after the procedure. The labia majora and labia minora can be targeted in one treatment session.

There is very little downtime associated with Aviva. Because the treatment is not surgery, there are no incisions to heal and there is little to no discomfort. Risks are also significantly lower compared to a surgical labiaplasty. You will be given a set of instructions to ensure you heal properly, including being asked to abstain from intercourse and tampon use for a recommended period following treatment.

You may notice the initial skin tightening effects of Aviva shortly after your treatment. Over the weeks that follow, the tissues will continue to tighten and the appearance of the treated areas will improve further. Three Aviva treatments are typically recommended for optimal results.

Experience The Full Difference

I created the Berman Women’s Wellness Center because I believe every woman and beyond deserve a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, state-of-the-art center devoted solely to their health and wellness. I approach all patients on an individual basis to determine the correct treatment approach for their needs and ensure every patient has the education she needs to make informed decisions about her care.


Every member of my staff shares my commitment to compassion and confidentiality. Your time with me will be comfortable and discreet, so you can spend less time feeling anxious about your procedure and more time looking forward to your results. I am committed to providing the most rewarding experience possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As women go through childbearing, hormonal changes, and everyday aging, many experience changes in their genitalia; changes that can definitely impact their quality of life. Stress urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, vaginal laxity and a decrease in erotic sensation are among the complaints I hear from my patients on a regular basis. I also receive questions and complaints regarding the outer appearance of the aging vagina; the enlarged labia minora, excess skin on the clitoral hood, and laxity of the labia majora.


The good news is our office offers many non-surgical, minimally- invasive options that address both the inner and outer issues concerning the vagina.


Laser energy or cutting- edge radio frequency RF technology is used to heat the vulvar and labial tissue which stimulates collagen and elastin production. The end-result is the shrinking and tightening the tissue.


Whether it’s pelvic floor tightening… tissue remodeling… or improvements in blood circulation…depending on your needs, our office can help determine which treatment option is best for you.