1. Gyns are no help either!!! I have been married for 13 years, LOVE my hubby so very much, and lost my libido after our second daughter. I also have Epstein-Barr virus, which makes me tired all the time. I went to a female Gyn thinking she would help…HA. 

She wouldn’t give me any testosterone and told me to take some vitamin E and make an appt with a psychotherapist. I walked out, because I thought she’d help me. I moved, went to another female, she was a little better, ran some tests, came up with nothing, once again she wouldn’t give me any medication either and told me to see a psychotherapist…. So, if you ask me, that is a gyn’s way of saying , “I wash my hands of you.” My question is how can we FIND a doctor who is WILLING to give us these creams, devices, etc? Someone who is willing to let us try out this stuff to see if it works? I would much rather have a little extra hair on my lip because of the testosterone than to lose my husband to a lack of my libido! 

A: Your frustration is clear and shared with many women. While there may be some part of your lack of libido that is caused by psychosexual issues like exhaustion, depression, anxiety, etc., you should certainly be evaluated for what we call Post- partum Androgen Deficiency Syndrome which seems to be typically experienced in women after their second child. 

All your doctor has to do is order a simple blood test looking at your total and free testosterone levels. Unfortunately, because so many of the treatments for sexual function complaints are new, they, and the disorders they treat are not fully understood by many doctors. We are trying to change that, but it is not easy and will take time. In the mean time, the best advice we can give is not to take no for an answer and not to give up. Bring your doctor literature to educate him/her. Let him/her know that there are FDA approved interventions that may be appropriate for you depending on your circumstances and specific complaints. 

Also understand that it is only a matter of time before there are a range of FDA approved treatments for FSD as well as a great many doctors who take the problem seriously. Hang in there! Best of luck and keep us posted. 

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