1. I haven’t seen/heard any mention of the connection between breastfeeding and the different types of dysfunction. I have two young children and am nursing both until they self-wean. I read somewhere that nursing releases chemicals that inhibit the mother’s desire and I know that having infants constantly on your breasts changes nipple sensitivity, but I haven’t heard the Berman’s mention any of this. I’d love to hear what they have to say about this! I’m curious, too, if it’s safe for a nursing mother to follow any kind of hormone therapy. We’d like to have another baby, but my lack of sexual motivation is being a REAL problem! 

A: That is such a great question and you are right, there are some connections between breast feeding and sexual response. First of all, because of the hormonal shifts, many women experience problems with vaginal dryness and lack of genital sensation. Furthermore, when you breast feed your body releases a chemical called Oxytocin which is the “feel good” chemical (this serves a evolutionary purpose because it makes you want to keep doing it!). However, there has been some evidence to propose that Oxytocin represses testosterone. 

However, even if your levels are low, it is certainly not advised to be on any kind of hormonal replacement while breast feeding or pregnant. As for the non-medical side, if you have two young children and are breast feeding, it is likely you are exhausted, don’t have much time for yourself, and don’t have much energy to put into your relationship. Besides just having sore nipples, your body is not completely your own, much less available to your partner. It is really important to take this into account when evaluating your situation and its causes. Give yourself and your body time to recover. Best of luck and keep us posted. 


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