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Jennifer Berman MD now offers HydraFacial treatments starting at $199 per treatment. 

A lot of people are understandably hesitant because they know what works for the others do not actually work for the rest. You don’t have to worry, as HydraFacial works for all skin types! This treatment offers a wide variety of nourishing ingredients that are found in super serums that our clinic provides. HydraFacial treatment helps uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation so it won’t damage your skin while peeling the years of the past. Also, it nourishes your skin with intense moisturizers, and saturates the skin with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow. 

More than just your average facial, HydraFacial treatments offer both instant and long-lasting results that you can see and feel. These include improved hydration and a reduction in dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. A HydraFacial is also much gentler on the skin than you would experience with the manual manipulation needed in a regular facial. 

I understand that the majority of us have been stuck at home for more than a year, and have recently been out and about under the sun enjoying the beauty of nature and the cool breeze of air. But be careful, as sunlight is the main source of Ultraviolet rays and radiation, and UVA rays come from the sun which damage your skin the longer you expose yourself in it, causing skin aging and leathery skin texture.  Good thing is HydraFacial is always to the rescue. HydraFacial treats almost all your skin concerns. It helps reverse the signs of aging and the effects caused by harmful UVA rays!


Experience instant gratification in just three steps — Cleanse + Peel, Extract + Hydrate, and Fuse + Protect. HydraFacial treatments are available in three options: the Signature Facial for $199, the Deluxe HydraFacial for $250, and the Platinum HydraFacial that you wouldn’t want to miss for only $350!

Contact Dr. Jennifer Berman now at 310-772-0072 and question why your skin has never looked this better!


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