1. Married, young, without child – still no libido My sex drive used to be just fine, although I have never been one to have overwhelming interest or self-stimulate. I noticed a rapid decrease in my sex drive about 7 years ago – I am now 27. There was no reason that I can trace this to. I have been with the same man for 10 years and we are very happily married, except for this one area. When I decided to tell my Dr. about this, he told me that this was normal. I have since switched doctors and we have been experimenting with different birth control pills. I am now a hormonal mess. Nothing is working and my doctor is not receptive to any hormonal (testosterone) therapies. I feel this part of me has been permanently shut down. I have tried herbs, videos, you name it. Any advice? 

A: Unfortunately without evaluating you in person it is difficult to determine what the causes of your complaints are. It seems like you are referring to something called Hypoactive Desire Disorder. The change in your desire could be related to so many things; stress, anxiety, depression, lack of time and space for yourself, changes in attitude about yourself or your relationship, sexual response problems, etc. But there also may be some medical explanations for your complaints and I would strongly suggest getting your hormonal levels tested. 

I would give your body a few months off all hormones to readjust and get back to a baseline, then get your testosterone levels checked in order to determine if androgen deficiency is part of the explanation for your complaints. If this doctor won’t help, try insisting, and if it still doesn’t work, I would think about finding another doctor! Best of luck and keep us posted. 

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