A New York Times article from Jack Hitt highlights viagra and the growth of sexual enhancement drugs as a whole. The article seeks to shed light on questions determining the impact and value of such drugs for treating sexual dysfunction. In addition, details about whether drugs can also be applied to improve the sexual experiences of normally functioning individuals. Dr. Berman was one of the doctors who conducted early trials to determine whether there is a direct correlation between Viagra and a strong libido.

The case reveals just how detailed sexual disorder studies have become in a fairly short time. In the October 1999 journal issue of the journal Urology, Dr. Berman and her partners at the Boston clinic at the time broke down the four basic kinds of female sexual dysfunction that either are or will soon be treatable. The professor’s basic condition is known as Sexual Arousal Disorder. Sexual thoughts occur, but they aren’t communicated to the genitals. The other ones are Orgasmic Disorder which includes inorgasmia (inability to have orgasm) and the unnamed condition of ”muffled” orgasms.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2000/02/20/magazine/the-second-sexual-revolution.html

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