Weight Loss Program

For Every Kind of Woman

Dr. Jennifer Berman

If you’ve been searching for an effective weight loss program, you’re not alone. Searching for a weight loss program that incorporates minimally invasive treatment or nonsurgical alternatives can be a maddening process of trial and error. I’d like to help you avoid that. Hello! I’m Dr. Jennifer Berman, and I’m one of the leading specialists in the nation when it comes to women’s health.

I’ve been a mainstay in the media for years, featured on shows like The Doctors, Good Morning America, not to mention Conan. You’ve probably already noticed this, but “fad diets” continue to gain popularity but often confuse your bodily processes to inspire results, which can produce some undesired side effects.

Results that you DON’T want from a weight loss program include:

  • Loss of muscle mass
  • That Dreaded “Yo-Yo” Effect
  • Gallstones
  • Dehydration
  • And More!

That’s why I’ve worked hard to find a better way.

You might be interested in taking a natural approach to hormone therapy and I don’t blame you.
Bioidentical hormones work in the way that nature intends if you’re averse to synthetic hormones (which have been shown to cause certain forms of cancer). Below are some facts about Bioidentical Hormones:

  • Bioidentical hormones are the safe, effective, and are already being utilized in countless hormone therapy products, cleared by the FDA as an effective way to treat your menopause symptoms.
  • Bioidentical hormones are molecularly identical to the ones your body produces, fitting your hormone receptors like a glove, or a key to a lock, working EXACTLY AS NATURE INTENDED with zero detrimental consequences.
  • Bioidentical hormones can treat both menopause and andropause symptoms with no harmful side effects.

Why Choose My Professional Weight Loss Program?

As a leading women’s health expert I can hold you accountable through our one-on-one work, helping you achieve ambitious yet realistic goals that will get you lasting high-quality results.

Benefits You’ll Glean from a Professional Weight Loss Program

  • Boost Self-Esteem and Well-Being
  • Increase Your Energy Levels
  • Normalize Sleep Patterns and Achieve Restful Sleep
  • Normalize Your Blood Glucose Levels
  • Take Control of Your Blood Pressure
  • Decrease Your Risk of Heart Disease
  • Decrease Your Risk of Diabetes (Type 2)

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss, now is the time to address the situation the right way. Although there is no magic bullet or mystical pill that will help “fix” the problem what I can promise you is a tailor-made approach that works for you. Women are different than men, and my approach is designed to work for the ladies.

Contact me today (310) 772-0072 to schedule your consultation today. I’ll help put you on the footpath to achieving the body you’ve always wanted. This is going to be a rewarding journey — all you have to do is make the call to make it happen.

*Female Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman has written information about Weight Loss that has been carefully reviewed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using our form.

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