Facing urinary incontinence is not only uncomfortable, but it can also feel embarrassing. Loss of bladder control, whether in the form of leakage with something as minor as a cough or the sudden urge to find the nearest bathroom, can cause constant, unneeded stress and suffering.

“What Happened to My Body??” The Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause is a word that can cause so much fear in a woman’s heart; it reads as a neon sign that says, “You’ve lost your youthfulness”. While menopause seems extremely daunting, it’s a process that can be easier with the knowledge of basic menopause symptoms and a doctor. Menopause means the point in time where a woman’s ovaries begin to stop producing estrogen hormones.

The symptoms of menopause vary from woman to woman, but true menopause will be reached once a woman’s period stops for a full year. Some symptoms are dizziness, hot flashes, decreased libido, and even depression in some cases. These symptoms are absolutely normal and no woman should fear the symptoms that come with menopause. There are over 34 different symptoms that can come with menopause, but there are a few that are quite common with every woman.

Most will experience hot flashes during the night, which can disrupt one’s ability to sleep soundly and make them uncomfortable. Mood swings are also very common for many women in menopause, which can become a problem if they are too often. The symptoms of menopause can take a toll on a woman’s life, but there are hormone treatments to aid women with severe symptoms. If you’re a woman going through this confusing time in your life, just remember you are still valid regardless of what your body does.


Your existence as a woman is powerful and beautiful, and your symptoms don’t define your life. If you ever feel like the symptoms deeply affect your life, discuss hormone treatments with your doctor and live freely without your body dragging you down!

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