Low Libido

Low Libido and Your Relationships

Dr. Jennifer Berman

Emotional closeness happens to be a prerequisite to sexual activity for many women. Problems in your relationship, like trust issues, lack of communication/connection, unresolved conflict or arguments, fighting, and ongoing issues can all be causing your women’s sexual health issues and hormone deficiencies as well.

However, fear not. Please know that there are actionable steps you can take to boost your sexual health.

Women who suffer from low sexual desire or hormone deficiency don’t have to face their problems alone any longer. I specialize in women’s sexual health and have a vast amount of experience in treating women who live with hypoactive sexual desire, women who go through menopause, experience hormone deficiency, and more.

When women need comprehensive, compassionate low libido therapy from an experienced urologist, they come to me. I’m world-renowned as a leading authority in the field of women’s sexual health.

“Optimize Your Libido Today with Dr. Berman”

Not only am I a NY Times best-selling author and a mainstay expert for the media when it comes to women’s sexual health, I’m also featured regularly on hugely popular shows, like Dr. Phil, The Today Show, and Good Morning America. I also co-host the CBS Emmy award-winning TV show, The Doctors.

Contact me today to schedule your consultation with a credible and relatable authority in women’s sexual and menopausal health. I work to create custom-tailored treatment plans that will get you back on track while making a lasting, positive change in your life.

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Right to Desire Movement

It Is Estimated That 1 in 10 Women Suffer from Distressing Low Sexual Desire. With the Right to Desire Movement, Dr. Berman Takes the Fight to HSDD.  

“As a leading women’s sexual health expert, I am proud to be part of the initiative along with Right to Desire to change the statistic of women affected by this condition. ”  

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, including low sexual desire and related distress, can negatively impact personal attitudes, such as body image and self confidence, which also serves as a contributing factor to difficulties connecting with a partner.

It can lead to interpersonal difficulties, such as feeling less connected to a partner.

Brain scan studies have revealed a slowdown in activity in areas of the brain that are important in sexual response for women affected by HSDD

To learn more about Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, contact Dr. Jennifer Berman today.

Low Libido FAQ

Q: Help!  My sexual appetite has completely vanished! I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed, or actually wanted to have sex.  What is happening? Is there a treatment for this? 

A:  So, your libido is not what it once was… well guess what? YOU are not alone!  Whether it’s hormonal, or a change in brain chemistry, as we age, many women have trouble shutting off their everyday brains to prioritize pleasure, which can put major stress on a marriage and affect a woman’s self- esteem.  Sexual chemistry is not just about you and your partner, it’s all about your relationship with your brain and the chemicals necessary to increase your interest and heighten your arousal when it comes to sex.

If your lack of desire in the “sex department” has lasted more than 6 months, you could be suffering from a condition called Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) which affects 1 in 10 premenopausal women. 

We offer a wide variety of treatments for women experiencing a low libido, and can custom create a solution to bring back your passionate play.

Stacey C.

“Dr. Berman helped me work through issues with low libido. A previous doctor told me that the problem was just due to menopause and that I had to essentially “deal with it” but Dr. Berman took time to listen to me and actually help me find a solution that is working! She cares about her patients and about empowering women. Just because I have gone through menopause doesn’t mean that my sex life should be over, and I am happy that I have found a doctor that cares enough to help me with it.”

Jessica H.

“I had my first visit with Dr. Berman yesterday to address my low libido issues. She allowed me to ask questions, she listened and was thorough in her responses always very warm and reassuring. I left feeling reassured I was in the very best hands!”