Written by Risachi Ogan from Saji Sol Med

A good sex life – we all want it, but how do we, as women, attain it?

Science might just have the answer.

In the early 20s, you may find yourself feeling ‘hot-and-bothered’ as an elevated basal body temperature and breast tenderness signal that you are attractive and fertile. As you reach your 30s and early 40s, you will hit the peak of your sex drive. A 2010 study by Dr. Buss at the University of Texas found that women from 27 through 45 demonstrated the most frequent and intense erotic fantasies!


However, once you have kids, your body and hormones begin to change to meet its new demands. At some points, your libido might sky-rocket making you uncontrollably craving your partner, other times you might find yourself with a complete disinterest in sensual activities due to a lack of energy, time, or engagement. As women enter their 50s, the body once again undergoes changes like menopause and decreasing levels of estrogen.

Think of your vagina as an elastic muscle, the natural changes that occur with age usually reduce the strength of the muscle and its surrounding connective tissues. Anyone experiencing perimenopause knows that these changes can lead to a noticeable drop in your libido usually followed by vaginal dryness, hot flashes, weight gain, and sleep issues. We often believe that the younger you are, the better your sex life must be – FALSE! Sex, especially for women, is largely mental. That is why is prioritizing your sexual health should be on your to-do list.

What is Votiva

A painless non-invasive treatment, Votiva uses radiofrequency energy waves to heat and stimulate epithelial cells, increase collagen and elastin fiber production, and aid in attacking internal and external vaginal health issues. Using targeted heat waves on the configuration of the extracellular matrix, Votiva works to increase the blood flow and sensitivity. Never thought you’d be worried about a durable vaginal wall? Well, you should be.

“The labia may become less plump as estrogen levels wane, fatty pads in
the labia shrink, and less collagen can lead to more sagging,” Dr. Rankin
says. “The skin of the vulva may darken or lighten and the clitoris may
shrink. It’s normal either way.” Scary? Nah. “These changes, which are
often related to decreasing levels of estrogen…”

Expert of article by Sarah Jio for Woma’s Day: Read Article

Salute Your Sag

Just like the skin on your face and neck, the external vaginal skin cells develop wrinkles and lose elasticity as we age. Research on changes during the postpartum body reveal that a “postchildbirth vagina does not look much different than it was before as much as it feels different”.

[Woman’s Day] In other words, many of our perceptions about our yonis are based on our mental, emotional, and even spiritual relationships with our bodies. Feeling uncomfortable? Hundreds of articles, memoirs, or shared stories from women highlight the stigmas surrounding women’s health and sexual wellness. This leaves most of us afraid to have these typically ‘awkward’ conversations –but not Dr. Berman. By devoting at least 15-minutes each month to your Votiva treatment, you essentially tell your mind and body that you respect your vag and salute your sag. The real difference will appear in your confidence in the bedroom.

Loose The Lube

Lubrication along with hormones are a typical prescription for women with vaginal dryness, low libido, menopause, or other health conditions that cause sexual dysfunction. While these are viable methods to treat the symptoms of the problem, Votiva revitalizes your vaginal and vulva cells through an increased flow of blood and collagen formation to these areas. This improves the cell’s ability to produce the necessary secretions for you to have a more pleasant experience. Women in menopause know that the thinning of vaginal tissue and decrease in vaginal secretions heavily impacts self-esteem, well-being, and pleasure in sensual activities. Prioritizing and maintaining healthy vaginal tissue is key to having a sultry and satisfying sex life.

New Vag New You

Every strong woman knows that investing in yourself is always the best investment. Just as regularly engaging in sexual activities keeps the sensitive vaginal tissue healthy and durable, Votiva treatments can support improvement of the ‘muscle memory’ of your yoni. Too often, society conditions us to see reproduction as the main purpose of the vagina. However, a consistent reminder of its value beyond reproduction acts as a powerful positive cue for your confidence and your sex drive. For menopausal women, when Votiva is paired with medically prescribed bio-identical hormones, the result combats the usual decrease in estrogen, serotonin and norepinephrine that causes irritability, forgetfulness, fatigue and depression.

Although Votiva is a quick and easy solution to boost your sex life, quality results from the treatment usually requires at least three sessions and takes 2-to-3 weeks to notice a visible difference in restoring external tissues and vaginal tightness. Interested in learning more about this procedure?

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