Are you experiencing anxiety and/or mood changes? Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? Lowered sex drive? Weight gain? If so, you could be experiencing hormone imbalance. With age, many changes occur in your body that impact your ovarian, thyroid, and adrenal gland function, or endocrine system. The endocrine system is responsible for maintaining hormone balance. As women approach perimenopause and menopause, hormone levels(particularly estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) all decline. At the same time, the bodily functions that your hormones target begin to malfunction. These changes can result in multiple symptoms across many aspects of your daily life, function, and well-being. BioTE hormone replacement therapy can help you reclaim your life and sense of vitality.

When do hormones begin to decline?

Fertility technically begins to decline in our late twenties. Hormone imbalance, fluctuations, and ultimately declining levels occur with age. It’s a gradual process, so many don’t feel the effects of this decline until they hit their late thirties or early forties. 

How do I know if my hormones are imbalanced?

You probably have hormonal imbalance if you are experiencing at least two or three of the following symptoms:

  1. Decline in short-term memory, focus, or concentration
  2. Decline in your physical energy level
  3. Decline in sexual function, response, and/or sexual desire
  4. Weight gain
  5. Loose crepey skin, hair loss
  6. Mood swings

Some additional symptoms include night sweats, hot flashes, and urinary or vaginal symptoms. It’s important to watch out for these symptoms and seek treatment as soon as possible. That’s where BioTE comes in!

How does BioTE work?

BioTEe hormone pellet therapy is an individualized bioidentical hormone replacement program. What does this mean? BioTE is customized to each patient’s specific needs based on age, weight, hormone levels, risk factors, and symptoms. The BioTE pellets utilize bioidentical hormones, meaning these hormones are virtually identical to those that your body produces. 

Once your dosage is calculated by Dr. Berman, the pellets are inserted under the skin in your gluteal area. The pellets are inserted using local anesthesia, and the insertion is fast and virtually painless. 

The hormones are released based on your individual needs, metabolism, and blood flow. The pellets last approximately three to four months.

Why Should I Consider BioTE Pellet Therapy?

BioTE pellets deliver hormones based on your body’s metabolism and blood flow. This allows for a more physiologic release of hormones that remains stable. The pellets are also more convenient and freeing since you don’t need to remember to take pills or apply any patches or creams regularly. There is no danger of using too much or too little gel or cream or transfer of hormones to our partner, child, or animals. The BioTE pellets deliver hormones in a physiologic fashion that optimizes the beneficial effects of HRT while minimizing side effects.  

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